Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion

As Nathan Fillion took to the stage at Comic-Con for the Castle panel on Sunday amid deafening cheers, he brought along a shopping bag full of goodies for a few lucky fans. Throughout the course of the Q&A session, those audience members asking questions were presented with a signed copy of TV Guide Magazine from the whole cast, as well as a trinket from Fillion, including Green Lantern merchandise. "Use these for the power of good... or awesome," said Fillion.

A lucky fan was also brought up to the stage by moderator and TV Guide Magazine Senior Editor William Keck to fill in for missing panelist Stana Katic and reenact dialogue from the show's introduction. "They're eating it up," whispered Fillion to the blushing girl. "I'd be happy to let you spank me," Fillion added. "Was that out loud?"

His cast members were even joining in on the fun, as Molly Quinn took to the stage dressed as Fillion's Firefly character Captain Mal Reynolds. "Oh my God, I just noticed what Molly's wearing," said Fillion a few minutes into the panel. "I have a gun just like that that I can't find." "When I was having dinner with your mom, she gave me something of yours I always wanted," replied Quinn. "I found your cat, too."

Hijinks aside, the panel — also consisting of cast members Jon Huertas, Tamala Jones and Seamus Dever — revealed several upcoming storylines for the new season, including a superhero-themed episode and Beckett's fate after last season's cliffhanger. "The outcome," teased Jones, "is going to be more epic than the season finale."  

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