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Our top moments of the week:

14. Best Resurrection:
It turns out there was something otherworldly behind Coulson's resurrection! Desperate to save Skye's life on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson uncovers the bunker in which he was brought back to life. In a room marked T.A.H.I.T.I., Coulson discovers half of an alien whose regenerative powers are being used in a serum that also revives Skye. Those side effects are going to be out of this world!

13. Best (Fake) Vacation: When Jess and Nick move into the same bedroom on New Girl, Jess needs some space... literally. She lies about having to go to Sacramento for a night so she can stay at a nearby hotel. It doesn't take long for Jess to get settled in the room and solicit the concierge's advice to select their "most tasteful story-driven adult film, preferably a period piece," she specifies.

12. Worst Grade: On Suits, after Louis tells Donna that he doesn't think Mike went to Harvard since he doesn't have a folder in the firm's files, Donna coolly tells him to request Mike's (planted) transcript. Lo and behold, Louis gets a copy and his suspicions are quashed — until he notices that Mike received an A+ from a notoriously stringent professor who never gives higher than an A. Oops!

11. Best Return: Castle serves up bad-ass Beckett when she infiltrates a drug ring. (Add surviving water torture to the list of things that don't faze her!) Although she narrowly escapes death after being spared by "Lazarus," the episode still ends with a dangerous twist: The drug money is being funneled into the presidential campaign of Sen. William Bracken, the man responsible for Beckett's mother's murder. Beckett quickly deduces that Lazarus is Bracken and, now that he returned the favor of saving her life, she must tread lightly. Here's hoping Bracken doesn't crash the wedding!

10. Worst Dirty Money:
Just when we started to worry that Adnan Salif's dirty money would hurt Fitz's campaign on Scandal, the situation turns out to be much worse. Salif convinces Cyrus that the campaign needed her money, but she neglects to tell him where the money is coming from: Mama Pope!

9. Most Faithful (Fake) Husband:
 OThe Blacklist, our suspicions that Liz's husband Tom is not the sweet, loyal, family-oriented guy he's cracked up to be are confirmed. After a flirtation with the equally mysterious Jolene, Tom goes to her hotel room... to turn her down. When she breaks cover and asks if Liz is his target, he responds, "I told you that I was in love with her because that is exactly what I am supposed to be. That is my job." You won't find that inscribed on a candy heart!

8. Best Death (for Now):
The Vampire Diaries' Katherine is finally dead-dead. After the gang discovers that she had been inhabiting Elena's body and there was nowhere left to run, Stefan stabs "the elusive Katherine Pierce" with the Traveler's knife. But when she goes to pass through Bonnie, the anchor, nothing happens — that is, until it turns dark and windy, and Katherine is sucked away into oblivion, aka hell.

7. Weirdest Twosome: With graduation just days away on Glee, Blaine, Sam and Tina decide to stage a big senior lock-in and sneak into McKinley High to spend the night. But when Becky interrupts the party and makes Blaine play Twister with her, Blaine tries to run away and stumbles upon Tina and Sam... making out! The unexpected act, which Tina and Sam attribute to leftover adrenaline from energy drinks, completely grosses out Blaine, who stomps off in anger. Come on, Blaine, this is Glee. It would have been much more shocking if they had left some potential romantic pairing untried.

6. Worst Day on the Job:  Mike Weston has slowly been morphing into Ryan Hardy 2.0 on The Following, and this week's episode may have completed his transformation. The case takes a gruesomely personal turn for Mike, with Lily Gray and two of her cohorts breaking into Mike's father's house, tying him up and slitting his throat — all with Mike watching, helplessly, via a video feed at FBI headquarters. It's inevitable that Mike's focus will quickly turn to revenge, but for now he's just broken and can do little more than collapse into Hardy's arms.

5. Worst Defense: The Bachelor: Women Tell All is usually a cavalcade of girl-on-girl crime, but when Juan Pablo is your Bachelor, he's a more worthy target for the women's ire. Kelly, for example, calls him out on his off-camera remarks about gay people. Kelly, who has a gay parent, reports that his comments offended her. But just like his defensive "apology," Juan Pablo merely says that his comments were taken out of context and refuses to discuss it any further.

4. Best Lip Service: During Tina Fey's appearance on The Tonight ShowJimmy Fallon makes her wish to interview herself come true by doing a "Lip Flip," in which their mouths are superimposed on each other's faces. After some jaunty banter and a fake vomiting bit, they launch into a hilarious rendition of "Endless Love" that is as perfect as their mouth-syncing isn't.

3. Best Moves: On Trophy Wife, adorable, precocious Bert celebrates his "Bert Day" with an Aladdin-themed birthday party that includes sparkly costumes, pony rides and a elaborately choreographed dance number. Trust us, just watch it.

2. Best Welcome Wagon: Meredith and Cristina may not have been drinking their go-to tequila on their girls' night out this week on Grey's Anatomy, but they still got drunkity-drunkity-drunk! So drunk that Cristina heads over to Owen's place to congratulate him on his decision to move in with Emma (bad idea to begin with) and ends up sleeping with him!

1. Worst Death Becomes Her: How I Met Your Mother is at it again. A year after Ted's solemn "45 Days" speech to The Mother, we get another big clue that Mrs. Mosby might be — gasp! — dead. While recounting stories in 2024, Ted says that Robin's mother made it to her wedding after all. The Mother argues that it wasn't really a surprise because "What kind of mother would miss her daughter's wedding?" Cue Ted bursting into tears. They wouldn't be that obvious, right? Or would they? 

What were your top moments?