There's gonna be a new face hitting the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital soon.

Grey's Anatomy has recruited Michelle Forbes to star in a mystery role this season, TV Line reports. The site speculates that she may be on board to portray the mother of Jo-slash-Brooke (Camilla Luddington), whose arrival on the show is expected to happen soon.

Luddington previously told the site, "I have heard that there is a strong possibility that [Jo's parents will appear] this season. Which is really exciting. I don't know the context of how they'll end up running into each other, but that's a huge deal for her."

Of course, the Berlin Station star could be coming along to portray any number of other characters — a savvy new attending, perhaps? The source of whatever new disaster is definitely nigh for our docs? So, we'll have to wait and see what Forbes brings to the table when she finally arrives on the show later in Season 15.

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The season was recently extended to 25 episodes, which is a good thing for viewers but may signal some bad news to come for our favorite surgeons. After all, it does seem that odd-numbered seasons are the ones that usually have the most eventful and consequential final episodes, doesn't it?

Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.