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That House finale really upset me. I'm just praying the last five minutes are another of House's hallucinations. — Jessica
ADAM: I don't want to ruin your summer, Jessica. But I will give that privilege to David Shore, who promises that the car crash and walk on the beach was not a Vicodin-induced fever dream. "These things are real, and there will be consequences," Shore says. "You cannot drive a car through somebody's house and almost knock over your best friend without ramifications. Personally, professionally and legally."

Got any scoop on the next season of Grey's Anatomy? — Amanda
April could be losing her V-card in Season 8! "I've heard that April will be getting some action next season," Sarah Drew tells us. "Justin Chambers is convinced it's going to be Alex, but we have no idea." Who do you think April should hook up with?

Why did Bones not show Booth and Brennan's hookup? Are the writers going to reveal that Brennan actually got pregnant by using Booth's donated specimen instead?  — Melanie
Executive producer Stephen Nathan likes your conspiracy theory. "Let's keep that one alive until next season," he says with a laugh. "Let's let people get all upset."  In truth, Nathan says the writers were more concerned with feelings. "Whether or not we see them jumping around in the sack did not seem as important as the emotional acceptance of who they were to each other," Nathan says. "Moving into Season 7, [the pregnancy] cements their relationship and forces them to accept the fact that they are a couple, they are in love and that they will be moving forward together."

How will Walking Dead be different with Shane still alive on the show, but not in the comics? — Dave
Shane is the new "X factor" on the show, creator Robert Kirkman tells us. "We're adapting stuff directly from the comic book, but Shane is going to screw it up," he says, noting that Hershel's farm will play a major role in Season 2. "What does Shane's presence do to change what happened on the farm and how they existed on the road? It's exciting to see what his character will do to muck up things."

So glad JJ is back on Criminal Minds. Might she ever change her mind about becoming a full-fledged profiler next season? — Terry
It doesn't seem very likely, according to A.J. Cook. "All I know is, she's still the coordinator," she says. " I don't know if [the team] even needs another profiler. I think she likes her role." That said, JJ's character will offer a new perspective. "She's seen things that these guys haven't seen, so she's grown," Cook says. "She's tougher, more experienced. I think now she may be able to bring more to her role, but I don't think it'll be out [in the field]. She's still going to be the face of the team."

Can you share anything about the Cougar Town trip to Hawaii? — Ron
The Cul-De-Sac Crew heads for Hawaii in the finale, but unbeknownst to them, they've got a stalker, someone you'll recognize.

Is there hope for a Crosby-Jasmine reunion on Parenthood? They were talking again at the end of the finale. — Amy
Hope springs eternal, but executive producer Jason Katims isn't necessarily going there right away. "I wanted there to be a moment between them ... because things had been terrible for so long. But I didn't necessarily think of it as they're back together now," Katims says. "I don't think that everything has been worked out between the two of them. So I think that's where we're starting from, and we'll see where it takes us."

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds! — James
As if Nancy's life wasn't filled with enough odd characters, the producers are looking for a slightly odd, well-off New York City attorney (they're thinking of a John Waters type) who takes on pro-bono cases in exchange for juicy prison gossip. Does he sell the gossip to the tabloids? Nope, he writes the stories down in a book — which he reads when he's sad, horny, or both. Ah, premium cable, how we love thee!

Got anything on The Closer? — Erica
The new season will introduce a new recurring character, a smart, fearless and devious attorney who is suing Brenda and the LAPD on behalf of a slain gang member's mother. He's quick on his feet and plays her share of mind games with Brenda, starting with pretending to be a process server. He'll create a rift when he serves everyone on the squad except Sgt. Gabriel with papers.

I can't wait for Drop Dead Diva to return. What can you tease? — Leah
When the show returns, Grayson will still be in the hospital after being run down by a car. And sorry, fans, but Grayson will end up in a new body. (Boo! No more sexy Jackson Hurst on the show?) Don't worry; it's not permanent — or real! Jane won't have too much time to ponder that, though. We hear she may be getting fired.

What's the good word on Sons of Anarchy's new season? — Chris
As expected, the show will jump ahead 14 months, right around the time Jax and his fellow SAMCRO members are released from jail. And Charming will be significantly different in a number of ways. (Hello, Mayor Hale!) The biggest immediate concern, however, will be the new sheriff, whose no-nonsense brand of law enforcement prevents the Sons from wearing their regalia in public. We're sure that's going to go over great!

What's coming up on Rizzoli & Isles? — Shari
Look out, Jane Rizzoli, your brother's life is about to get very interesting. When the show returns, the love of Frankie Jr.'s life, aka Jane's nemesis, returns — and she's bringing some serious baggage.

Adam's Mega Rave: Kudos to The Mentalist's casting director for choosing The West Wing's Bradley Whitford to play the shockingly ordinary Red John. Even more props to the producers for having the stones to let their protagonist shoot and kill his nemesis as he'd always sworn to do. Color me intrigued for Season 4.

Natalie's Mini Rant: I agree with Ricky Gervais: The Office jumped the shark by featuring too many guest stars — most of whom are highly unlikely to get the job at Dunder Mifflin. What was the point?

(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng and Kate Stanhope)

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