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What can you tell me about House's big 150th episode? — Trisha
The episode, perhaps the best of the season, reveals that Thirteen (the returning Olivia Wilde) ended up in prison. It's a shocking story, so we won't give it away, but we will say that she was convicted of one thing, but actually did something some might consider worse. Mitigating factor: She was acting in the best interest of someone very close to her, which moves House so much that he makes an incredible promise that proves that Dr. Crankypants may have a heart after all.

Is there hope for Rachel and Finn on Glee? — Cheryl
"There is [hope], absolutely," Cory Monteith tells us. "That's a very important, very central relationship to the show." Please tell us they'll end up together at the prom! Surely Finn will see through Quinn's plan to use him to become prom queen, right? "It's been pretty interesting to see how he went into the relationship with Quinn and how it's going to unravel," Monteith hints.

What have you heard about CSI: NY's finale? — Amy
According to Sela Ward, the season doesn't end with much of a cliff-hanger. "It's really more of an ambiguous attempt to leave everybody... [wondering,] 'Is the show going to get picked up or not?' It's a non-committal final show," she says. She hints that the finale will find Mac at a crossroads. "Does he continue this work or not?" she asks. "Maybe he's done because of something that happens in the show that's very traumatic."

What's coming up on Modern Family? — Andy
NATALIE: When Phil takes advertising his real estate business to a new level by displaying a photo of the family on the side of their minivan, his cell phone blows up when he inadvertently offers special services from Claire and Haley. Plus: The Cameron-directed school musical turns into a disaster akin to that of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Now that Matt knows Caroline is a bloodsucker on Vampire Diaries, will she just compel him to forget? — Michelle
Well that's one solution, but it's not one that Candice Accola necessarily endorses. "There's always going to be characters who don't know what's going on, but at the same time they can't be fools forever!" she says. Needless to say, when the show returns — picking up right where Matt and Caroline left off — Caroline will definitely have some uncomfortable 'splainin' to do about what the heck goes on in Mystic Falls.

How long will it take for Callie to recover on Grey's Anatomy? — Aleah
Because Callie has yet to see her baby, she'll attempt to sprint down the road to recovery. "We're going to see Callie struggling to recover at a rate that's much faster than other characters think she can or should recover," Sara Ramirez says. "She's going to be wrestling and negotiating with herself and others in order to see her baby and get the strength for them to trust her to hold her child because she wants to see her baby so bad."

What's coming up for Olivia on Law & Order: SVU? —  Brett
Sadly, no Olivia in this week's episode, but you will get a double dose of Law love with the return of ADA Casey Novak (Diane Neal), who was just rehired by the District Attorney's office, and a LOLA crossover when Deputy D.A. Jonah Dekker (Terrence Howard) comes to New York. He butts heads with Novak in the courtroom, but we'll also see a softer side of him when he has to deal with not one, but two cases involving family members.

Can you tell us anything about the season finale of Criminal Minds? — Erin_Lee54, via Twitter
I'm hearing this year's final case involves a national sex trafficking ring. As such, the show is looking for a trio of actresses for roles: the naturally beautiful but dead-behind-the-eyes madam, the FBI's lead sex crimes investigator and an FBI agent who has infiltrated the ring only to go missing.

Got any scoop on Cooper and Charlotte's wedding on Private Practice? — Sandy
The lovebirds will get hitched in a very unconventional manner. Still, executive producer Shonda Rhimes says, "It's going to be beautiful. I feel like the way they end up married is going to be really about Charlotte and Cooper being in love and not about everybody else. It's just for them."

Will Michael expose Nikita and Alex on Nikita? — Rachel
Now that Michael knows Nikita's little secret, he'll threaten to out Alex to Division. In exchange for his silence, he'll send Nikita to find the man who killed his family. Michael will get more than he bargained for when they uncover a terrifying secret in the process.

I'm dying for Burn Notice to come back. Scoop me! — Jared
I'm hearing the new season will feature a new recurring character, a female operative sent by the CIA to investigate the murder of one of its own. Although Michael is willing to help her, it quickly becomes apparent that Michael may have been responsible for the operative in question's death.

Any scoop on my favorite show, Rizzoli & Isles? — Aaron
While the ladies try to track down a Navy sailor during Boston's "Fleet Week" who is accused of rape, Maura and Jane will be the object of an auto shop owner's affection. Once Giovanni realizes Jane doesn't dig him, he'll switch his attention to the interested Maura. The ace up his sleeve to seal the deal? He's holding out on fixing Jane's mom's car until Maura sleeps with him. Classy!

Adam's Mega Rave: AMC's The Killing is to die for. Mireille Enos is great in the lead, and everything about the production — including and especially the rain — makes this dark drama ominous. I can't wait to get further sucked in.

Natalie's Mini Rant: Really, Adam? Tell me this: Why did it take The Killing 51 minutes to actually do any killing? I've never wanted anyone to die so badly!

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