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Can you give me any new information about how and why J.J. leaves Criminal Minds? — Renee
Although her exit is abrupt, it sounds like J.J. is on to bigger and better. "We've always intimated that J.J.'s character has connections outside of our world — other more powerful elements in the government," executive producer Simon Mirren tells us. "Those powers that she's connected with come back into her life. So basically, what we're saying is, our loss is going to be someone else's gain."

How will House and Cuddy's co-workers respond to their newfound love? — Mary
Some of them think it's great," says House executive producer Katie Jacobs. "Others think, 'Oh my God, this will never work and will be the worst news for us.'" As House puts it, his protégés are "in favor, indignant and indifferent," respectively. Guesses in the comments to match doctor with reaction?

Anything on The Mentalist? Will there be anything happening with Jane and Lisbon this season? — Clarisse
ADAM: Creator Bruno Heller tells us the events of the finale leave Jane pulling away from everyone he's close to, out of fear that they will be Red John's next victims. But Lisbon will have none of it. "Her faith in him and her willingness to go to bat for him means they're much tighter," Heller says. "As much as he wants to protect her by pulling away from her, he feels more love for her this year because they've been through so much, yet she's proven that she'll be there for him."

Big Fringe fan here — what, pray tell, will Walter be up to this season? — Matt
MICKEY: In addition to his groundbreaking research on chocolate milk, Walter's initial caseload will center on that mysterious doomsday device. Personally, though, he'll be mourning the death of his old friend William Bell. At some point, those two facets of his life will actually converge in a really fantastic way.

I need some fresh NCIS spoilers. — Brandon
I'm your guy, Brandon. The show is looking to add a new recurring character. Described as an authoritative leader with an operational history dating back to the Cold War, this former NCIS agent is an old workhorse who likes strong coffee and carries a flask. But he's got a troubled past: Look for him to try to right the wrongs in his life.

Any scoop on what comes next on The Event? I'm so confused already! — Colin
The producers promised that they'd be doling out answers quickly, and they weren't lying! Episode 2 reveals both how Sophia and the other 96 detainees of Inastranka came to our country and where that disappearing jet (with Michael and Sean on board) went. Both answers involve crashes. On the other hand, when President Martinez asks more difficult questions — namely, how and why did those two events occur? — Sophia is not forthcoming.

Got any intel on Bones? — Mitch
Get ready for this sweet episode. To celebrate the launch of a new giant candy confection, a famous chocolatier creates the world's largest candy bar. Just one problem: The nutty crunch inside is actually a body.

Any Desperate Housewives scoop? — Jamie
MICKEY: I know that you all thought that the ladies of Wisteria Lane were ageless (ahem), but it turns out that at least one of them will have to confront the onward march of time fairly soon. She'll still be hot, but just in flashes.

Is Castle planning anything big this season besides the serial killer story arc? — Trevor
Creator Andrew Marlowe tells us that the success of last year's explosive two-parter with Dana Delany has him and his team planning a similar multi-night event for the spring. Naturally, details are sparse. "I can tell you that Beckett's apartment won't blow up this time," he jokes.

I'm so glad Parenthood is back. Can I get some Adam and Max scoop? I love their scenes together. — Carole
Max and his dad are finding it difficult to spend time together. Unfortunately, it's not going to get any easier when Adam faces new challenges at work that will require him to be away from home even more. In the other Braverman employment news, househusband Joel will up-end Julia's life when he decides to head back into the salt mines.

I've watched the Smallville trailer a hundred times. What should we make of Chloe putting on Dr. Fate's helmet? — Evan
Not that much. While we're pretty sure she's not going to be the next Dr. Fate, that scene is quite significant. Chloe uses the helmet to find Oliver, and while she's wearing it, she sees several other intriguing things — not the least of which is Clark not wearing black.

Things don't look so good for Nancy & Co. on Weeds. What's next? — Marcia
"You can't defeat a mother lion when you threaten her cubs," Nancy says in an upcoming episode. So you can be sure that Shane's kidnapping is only temporary. His rescue will necessitate another move, which will leave at least one Botwin having to make a difficult choice.

Adam's Mega Rave: Let's all raise a glass of (contraband) whiskey and toast the triumphant Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi steals the epic-scale Prohibition drama with a surprisingly commanding performance. Welcome back, HBO.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Come on, people! Only 4 million of you watched Lone Star. That's just criminal.

(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams, Gina DiNunno and Kate Stanhope)

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