Ian Somerhalder (<i>Vampire Diaries</i>, Pauley Perrette (<i>NCIS</i>, Dana Delany (<i>Desperate Housewives</i>) Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries, Pauley Perrette (NCIS, Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives)

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What's coming up on Vampire Diaries? — Monique
MICKEY: Witches and vampires aren't the only supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls. It won't be right away, but a major male character will reveal himself to be a werewolf. And don't think having read the books will help you figure this one out. In fact, the werewolf in question won't even know he's a werewolf, initially at least.

Got any scoop on Abby from NCIS? — Lyn
ADAM: How would you like to meet Abby's best friend? Well, you'll get to in this season's Christmas episode. Short-statured actress Meredith Eaton (Boston Legal, Family Law) will play Abby's former college buddy and fellow lab tech who comes to Abby for advice. Get ready to Goth out, because Pauley Perrette — whose real-life best friend is... Eaton — tells me the two are very similar.

When is Katherine going to get better on Desperate Housewives? I don't like crazy Katherine. — Mindy
MICKEY: Poor Dana Delany. She was so great as a tightly wound neat freak. Why'd they have to push it? And now this: Remember that scene in Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close picks up Michael Douglas' kid at school and brings her on a rollercoaster? I know — chilling, right? Well, Katherine is going to amp up the crazy in a future episode in a very similar way.

Who is Stella going to have a relationship with on this season of CSI: NY? — Shannon
ADAM: Stella won't go back to the well with Adam, executive producer Pam Veasey tells me, but you should look out for more moments of spontaneity from her. "She's not going to limit herself," Veasey says. "Her momentary enjoyable moment with Adam was one of those things. She'll be a much more aggressive, live-in-the-moment type of character."

My brother-in-law told me that he read that this is the last season of 24! Please tell me he was yanking my chain. — Pat
MICKEY: Brothers-in-law are good for two things, and two things only: stocking the cooler and moving furniture. He was yanking your chain. My 24 sources tell me that the show's move to New York has reenergized the cast and crew, but that no decision has been made about future seasons.

What's next for Hiro now that he's trapped at the carnival on Heroes? — Justin
ADAM: If you're wondering just how long Hiro will be trapped with the carnies, know this: Hiro will share turkey and cranberries with the band o' freaks. "When filming the Thanksgiving episode, we could just not stop laughing," Masi Oka says of his scenes with carnival leader Samuel (Robert Knepper). Look for a huge gothic banquet and some... ballroom dancing? Don't worry, they totally wear weird masks, Oka says.

Are Rachel and Finn ever getting together on Glee? — Nicole
MICKEY: Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr. Schuester, says not any time soon. "I think that love is dead," he says. Not that their current relationships are rock-solid either. While Finn and Quinn struggle with the demands of impending parenthood, Puck and Rachel's swoonfest will end just as quickly as it began. In the fallout, two members of this demented love square will recombine, over their shared love of... baking. Puck and Finn will come to blows in the aftermath.

What's coming up on Brothers & Sisters? — Sherry
ADAM: In Sunday's episode, Kitty will have second thoughts about her cancer treatment, no doubt to worrywart Nora's chagrin. Luckily, Nora will have a new friend with benefits (The Closer's Jon Tenney) to distract her. "It's the beginning of Nora trying to find some balance in her life in terms of dealing her daughter," newly appointed showrunner David Marshall Grant tells me. "It's the beginning of a source of hope for Nora, and reminds the audience, despite what's going on, there's always hope in the future."

Any scoop on Fringe? I'm dying to see more of "over there." — Vic
MICKEY: Lance Reddick himself told me that "over there" Broyles is different in a fundamental way: He's a happily married man. What's that — you didn't realize Broyles was divorced? Well, after Thursday's episode, you will. And you'll also know why.

Any scoop on the absolutely brilliant Sons of Anarchy? — Patricia
ADAM: Jax's decision to "go nomad" will drive an even bigger wedge into the already fractured club, which has to vote on whether or not to let Jax go. The result of the vote however, has far less impact than a difficult decision Gemma will have to make.

Will Terry and Arlene still be together when we return for Season 3 of True Blood? — Anna
Yep. Executive producer Alan Ball told us that the happy couple "will make a surprising discovery that will bring them closer together." Translation: All that free lovin' they did under Maryann's spell will result in an unplanned pregnancy. I hope the baby has hair that looks like a sunset after a bomb went off.

With the addition of Madeline Zima to the cast of Heroes, will she return to Californication? — Bernd
ADAM: Worry not, Bernd, Zima will make an appearance before the Showtime comedy wraps up its third season. I'd really love to tell you more, but to say anything is to say too much. The episode is not to be missed.

Adam's Mega Rave: Kudos to Grey's Anatomy for putting the weight of virtually an entire episode on Patrick Dempsey's shoulders. But as much as his super-surgery to remove an inoperable tumor proved the series can survive without all of its stars in the OR, it also reminded us that Grey's can still be the most compelling medical drama on TV when it's actually about medicine.

Mickey's Mini Rant: Am I the only one who thinks the "evil" senators on FlashForward have a point? Conducting a large-scale FBI investigation based on one man's alcohol-impaired visions is not only crazy, it's a threat to national security.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I am just shocked and sickened... that there are still people watching Heroes." Shinco, upon hearing that Adrian Pasdar is leaving Heroes

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