Lana Parrilla, David Boreanaz, Emily VanCamp Lana Parrilla, David Boreanaz, Emily VanCamp

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When will we learn what Snow White did that made the Evil Queen hate her so much on Once Upon a Time? — Sarah
April 1 is the magical day. So much is revealed in the hour that Lana Parrilla says she was surprised the story wasn't spread over several episodes. "You'll meet young Regina," she says. "I look totally different — fresh-faced, doe-eyed, young, fun, excited about life, in love, and then it just gets really dark. It's way before she becomes the Evil Queen." Adds Ginnifer Goodwin: "Folks will sympathize with the Evil Queen in ways they're not expecting."

I'd love some Bones scoop! — Molly
Look for another case to hit really close to home for Booth. When the Jeffersonian team learns that some unidentified remains from the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon belong to a Gulf War veteran, Booth makes it his personal mission to find out who he was. Turns out he had become homeless before his death, the result of post-traumatic stress disorder. However, with the help of one of Booth's fellow soldiers in Afghanistan, Seeley may be able to prove that the veteran still died a hero.

What's coming up for Emily and Nolan on Revenge now that she knows he's been working with Takeda? —Holland
They're going to butt heads big time, but the damage isn't permanent. Executive producer Mike Kelley sees them as siblings. "Nolan sees David Clarke as a de facto father figure and [Emily] didn't get the benefit of knowing her father as an adult. They both think of each other like family, so no matter what we throw at them, they're going to remain connected."

I can't believe Dale died on The Walking Dead! Does that mean Shane might not be a goner after all? — Allen
Let's try and do the math together: Sunday's episode features not one, but two very significant deaths — both of which may finally help explain what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick in the Season 1 finale — and it will also ring the bell on Round 2 of the epic Rick vs. Shane fight that began a couple weeks back.

Alcatraz scoop please! — Jesse
Bloodletting, shmoodletting. Dr. Beauregard is about to take Lucille's shock therapy methods to new heights! Pity the '63s — yes, really. We'll also learn why a certain chatty inmate we saw in a previous episode hasn't reappeared in present day.

Have I heard correctly? Barney and Quinn are moving in together on How I Met Your Mother? —Jennifer
Yup! They move fast, don't they? In the March 19 episode, Barney breaks the news to his pals, who are less than thrilled about the idea and stage an intervention to break them up. "It's more about the fact that that she's a stripper and they think Barney should be with someone classier," says Becki Newton, who also tells us Quinn is not so easily dropped. "You'll see more of Barney and Quinn together, and as the relationship progresses, the gang will see that they're actually a great pairing."

I'm kind of bummed Castle killed off Sophia (Jennifer Beals). I liked the way she challenged Castle and Beckett. Is that weird? — Ashley
It's a little weird. But we may not have seen the last of the Russian spy after all. "I always knew that she was going to be the bad guy and we were going to kill her in the end. But I also know that in any sort of CIA-inspired story, nobody is ever really dead for certain," creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells us. "I like to have my cake and eat it too. It's all depending on where our storytelling takes us and assuming that Jennifer had a good time and wants to come back and play with us." (OK, maybe it's not so weird after all...)

I miss Covert Affairs. What's coming up in the new season? — Lois
Annie is getting a new mentor and confidant this season. If Joan is the "cold mom," think of Lena as the "cool mom," something Annie greatly aspires to be. Though Lena's a consummate professional, she's also very inclusive and treats her operatives as equals. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. Sorry, Annie!

My day would get a whole lot better if you gave me some Blue Bloods scoop! — Pat
Another week, another star witness to keep alive for Erin Reagan. This time she's trying to convict a Russian mobster whose goons have killed all the other witnesses. It's so trying that Erin will actually consider another job offer. One catch: The new job would put her at odds with Papa Frank.

Got any scoop on Grimm? — Joshua
Get ready to meet Cinderella! She's led a half-tragic, half-magical life with her mean stepmother and stepsisters, and a "Prince Charming" whose company has just sunk the family fortune. Oh, and did we mention Cinderella likes the dark and has got a wingspan that Batman would be jealous of?

What's coming up on Shameless? — Scott
Now that Fiona virtually kicked Lip out of the house, he'll take his revenge by moving in with... Steve. Once there, Lip will earn his keep by helping Steve smuggle Estefania's boyfriend Marco into the country — if they can ever find the shipping container he was in. Meanwhile, Mommy Monica is back in the Gallaghers' lives. Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes her to find (and spend) the squirrel fund?

Now that Neal has run away, what will we see next season on White Collar? — Tom
Though Neal will be off living the life — with a new lady love in tow — he won't be missing for long, not if Internal Affairs has anything to say about it. They'll send their most dangerous agent to track him down, which is bad news for Neal because said agent will take his targets dead or alive.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Whether or not you suffer from Kristen Wiig fatigue on Saturday Night Live, you have to admit she completely owned one of the only hands-down hilarious sketches this season in The Real Housewives of Disney, playing Cinderella as a drunken mess whose glass slipper-obsessed Prince Charming is possibly not interested in princesses.

Adam's Mini Rant:
Unfortunately, the rest of the Lindsay Lohan-hosted SNL was a bust. Lohan may have proved that she's cleaned up her personal life, but between her general stiffness and January Jones-like lack of commitment, she certainly didn't prove that she's ready to go back to comedy.

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