Felicity Huffman, Grace Park, Kiernan Shipka Felicity Huffman, Grace Park, Kiernan Shipka

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What's coming up for Tom and Lynette when Desperate Housewives returns? — Haley
Ever see The War of the Roses? It'll be kind of like that, except instead of dishes, they'll break their children.

Got any new info on Hawaii Five-0's new season? — Jared
Kono, the team's go-to bad guy lure, will catch the eye of a former crooked cop who's now a sleazy crime boss. Infiltrating his ranks won't be easy — nor will passing the test he gives Kono to prove she's legit.

I've gone too long without Mad Men. Please give me something to hold me over! — Blair
How's this? The show is adding a precocious 10-year-old boy to the cast. Who the heck is he? Another Bobby? A new creepy playmate for Sally... and Betty? Joan and Roger's disco-dancing love child (note: narrative time jump required)? Make your guesses in the comments!

Private Practice's Pete can't die, right? Right?! — Alison
Well, no, but getting over that ominous collapse we saw in the finale won't be easy. Of course, since there are no other doctors in the world than those at Oceanside Wellness, whether Pete lives or dies will be left up to them. But will Amelia's addiction issues put Pete's life in jeopardy?

I must know more about Bones' new squintern! — Wesley
He exists in the overlapping section of a Venn diagram with circles labeled "young," "redneck" and "genius." (Think Doogie Howser with Larry the Cable Guy's accent.) Although Cam welcomes him to the Jeffersonian, Caroline isn't exactly brimming with Southern hospitality. Why not? It seems that despite all his fancy book-lernin', the Doog used to "git-r-done" in juvie.

Why does The Walking Dead's Season 2 trailer make it seem like the group is going to be splitting up? This group needs to heed the wise words of Lost: "Live together, die alone." — Jonathan
I think Rick & Co. have been too busy fighting off the undead to check out Lost on Netflix, but I do agree with you, which is why I posed the same question to creator Robert Kirkman. "We're going to see people reaching their breaking point this season," he says. "People are going to be coming into conflict, and the ordeal that they're all surviving through together is going to affect them all differently."

How's Adrianna's singing career going when 90210 returns? — Jennifer
"It's done," executive producer Patti Carr says. "She's deliberately not seeking the kind of fame she has in the past." Yeah, because when you steal a dead guy's music, the A&R guys aren't exactly banging down the door. "We're not saying she'll never sing again," executive producer Lara Olsen teases though.

I heard Rigsby may be dating someone new on this season of The Mentalist. I want him with Van Pelt. — Janelle
Sorry to disappoint, Janelle, but Rigsby may finally be moving on. Van Pelt, on the other hand,  will be seeing someone new — a maternal, state-appointed shrink who will help Van Pelt in the wake of the death of her fiancé-turned-Red-John-mole.

Will Leslie still secretly date Ben now that she's planning to run for office on Parks & Recreation? — Sandy
With three months to go before she has to announce her candidacy, Leslie reasons that she has time before she has to break it off with Ben. Ann will be the voice of reason, insisting that Leslie get it over with to spare Ben's feelings. But reason isn't exactly Leslie's strong suit, is it?

Got any Nikita spoilers? — Marco
Get ready to meet a Robin Hood with a real mean streak. The show is casting an assassin who targets the rich and powerful and then sends videos to the media that outline his motivation for each murder. One thing the videos don't show, though: This brash killer uses a wheelchair.

There's been a serious lack of Falling Skies scoop. What can you tease? — Dave
Ready to find out what that alien harness is really for? You will in this week's episode, in which Blair Brown (Fringe) also guest-stars. She plays an eccentric survivalist whose luxurious lifestyle is highly suspicious to Tom, Hal and Captain Weaver. Even more suspicious is her connection to the long-missing Karen.

What else can you tell me about Annie's new rival on Community? — Valerie
Two words: Asian Annie!

Natalie's Mega Rave: Between Suzie's lip-smacking, the LOL lady and Israel-Palestinian race relations, Larry David's inner social assassin kept busy this week. Never has he told it like it is like this. It was one of the best episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm ever.

Adam's Mini Rant: Hey Big Brother, I love watching Rachel cry as much as anyone, but could you please give some screen time to the other houseguests every once in a while?

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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