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Legacies' Danielle Rose Russell Says Hope Is 'Scared' About Who Landon Will Choose

Plus, does she think Hope and Josie can be friends again?

Sadie Gennis

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) was devastated on Legacieswhen she returned from Malivore only to learn that no one remembered who she was. For so long, all she wanted was to reunite with the people she cared about -- particularly her boyfriend, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) -- but now that everyone's memories are back things have only gotten more complicated, not less.

With Landon and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) getting more serious (and almost having sex!), remembering that he was in love with Hope has put Landon in a very complicated position, one where he now has to make a tough choice. "I just think that he doesn't know what to do," Danielle Rose Russell told TV Guide. "He wants to do right by everyone, including Josie, and by himself. So I think he's mixed in how to go about the way that he feels because he definitely cares for Josie as well, but he definitely knows that he's in love with Hope too."

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As relieved as Hope is to have Landon remember her, the situation has also left the tribrid shaken, as she waits to see whether Landon will return to her or decide to stay with Josie. "I think that she's sacred because she doesn't know which direction he's going to go in," Russell explained. "And she can't expect him [to choose her] or blame him if he chooses something that makes her unhappy. So I think it's really hard for her to try to disconnect and just let him decide."

It feels like only yesterday that Hope was the center of this love triangle, not Landon. But Josie remembering her former crush on Hope doesn't seem to be chilling the frost that has settled on their relationship this season. "I think it's gonna take some time for them to reach a good point in their relationship," said Russell. "I think that it's going to be really hard for both people to fully be able to accept all the things that have happened. But it doesn't mean it can't happen."

But before anyone can make any big moves regarding repairing relationships (or reconciling old romantic ones), Hope and Josie are going to have to work together to try and close the portal to Malivore next week. Who knows, maybe it'll be a necessary bonding experience like when they had to pick up trash in Season 1?

Legacies returns Thursday, Dec. 5 at 9/8c on The CW.

Additional reporting by Keisha Hatchett

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Danielle Rose Russell, Legacies
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