CSI: NY will kick off 2011 by introducing JAG star David James Elliott as FBI agent Russ Josephson, the ex-husband of Jo (Sela Ward), who will get in the way of the simmering chemistry between Jo and Mac (Gary Sinise). "I think he wants Jo back — and there is electricity," says David of his character, the father of Jo's son, whom we'll meet later this season. "Russ refers to their divorce as a 'separation.'"

While she may still have feelings for her ex, Sela believes Jo "must move forward." With Mac, perhaps? "There's definitely a subtle flirtation," she says. Even Gary, who prefers the show's focus to remain on the crimes, says that "Mac's captivated by Jo's wonderful Southern charm. She has a unique way about her that is infectious."

And Russ will pick up on that feeling, says exec producer Pam Veasey, who's in no rush to hook Jo up with either man just yet. "The audience will give us the signal when to go forward, but we like that there's chemistry and I think you'll see it evolve," she says. Signs of Jo and Mac's bond will be evident even before Russ arrives when the CBS series celebrates its 150th episode on December 3. It's a cheery first New York Christmas for Jo — aside from a bleeding woman in Central Park and a guy who dies in a department-store window display. New York, adds Veasey, "is so romantic in the winter."

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