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There are a few new guest roles our favorite shows are searching for that caught my eye.

NBC's Community hopes to capitalize on the hype of securing Betty White to play a professor in its season premiere with an appearance in the same episode by George Clooney. Fat chance, right? The producers agree and have had their casting agents put out a call for a "George Clooney impersonator" who "should look and sound exactly like George Clooney." What made me laugh is that the casting call included a photo of George for reference, just in case anyone doesn't know what this Oscar winner looks like.

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Meanwhile, the second episode of ABC's Private Practice will introduce a character named Jane Finch. But this is no plain Jane but an effeminate male character transitioning into becoming a female.

CBS's The Mentalist will introduce the brother-in-law of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), who still blames Patrick for his wife's murder by Red John, in its second episode.

And finally, the new mid-season ABC series Off the Map, from Grey's Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes, is looking for a character who sounds a lot like the plastic surgeon from E!'s Dr. 90210.  The character, Tommy, is described as an arrogant and morally questionable plastic surgeon who once advertised himself as "Dr. Double D" in subway station ads. What a boob!

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