David Caruso David Caruso

Beginning in CSI: Miami's fourth episode this fall (titled "Look Who's Taunting"), a twisted season-long mystery will kick off involving a sadistic psychopathic doctor with movie star looks. The CBS procedural is currently casting the role of young Dr. Bryce Wheeler, a late-twenties stud with everything going for him — a lean athletic body, a seemingly caring demeanor, an Ivy League education and a rich family inheritance coming his way. But get this: The guy has a demented, kinky side and uses his private ambulance as a torture van! Yikes!

Dr. Wheeler's targets are prostitutes whom he enjoys hearing scream as they die slowly. It will be the job of Horatio (David Caruso) throughout Season 10 to try to stop this sicko before any more hookers fall prey to his treachery.

Also part of this storyline is Wheeler's fiftysomething father, Robert, who is wealthy beyond comprehension and has great political influence in Florida. Aware of his son's peculiarities, he uses his means to cover up his son's crimes.

The arc begins with Horatio and Delko (Adam Rodriguez) trying to save a kidnapped prostitute named Angela with the help of her concerned sister, Jennifer.

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