Katy Perry by Paul Warner/ WireImage.com Katy Perry by Paul Warner/ WireImage.com

Is Katy Perry getting a little desperate?

The "I Kissed a Girl" singer, who has tried to score headlines in recent weeks by provocatively name-dropping Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson, may now be angling for a smooch with Lindsay Lohan. (Or at least publicity from the possibility of a smooch with Lindsay Lohan.)

MTV is reportedly helping Perry with her latest bid for attention. E! Online's Mark Malkin says producers of the Sept. 7 Video Music Awards are trying to match her up with Lohan for the show.

For those keeping track, Perry has said Johansson inspired "I Kissed a Girl" and cited Cyrus as a celebrity she'd like to kiss. (Cyrus said no thanks.)

Would a Perry-Lohan lip-lock be more shocking than the one between Madonna and Britney Spears? Or the one between Madonna and Christina Aguilera? Or the one between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley? - Tim Molloy