Katie Couric Katie Couric

Katie Couric is making her anticipated return to daily television next month and she has quite the listof famous friends to help welcome her back.

The nationally-syndicated talk show Katie will start its run by focusing on the theme "new beginnings," featuring women who, like Couric, are making transitions in their lives. The premiere will kick off with Jessica Simpson, who will talk about the ups-and-downs of motherhood since having her first child in May. The jam-packed first episode will also include an appearance by Sheryl Crow, who will share details about her brain tumor for the first time since her diagnosis.

Katie Couric on her new daytime show: "I'm going to be able to flex all my muscles"

Over the next three weeks, other guests will include Jennifer Lopez

, Heidi Klum, Susan Sarandon, Chelsea Handler, Sofia Vergara, Demi Lovato and Wendy Williams. Barbra Streisand will also make a rare appearance to discuss women and heart disease, plus her first performance in Brooklyn in over 50 years.In addition to celebrities, Katie will also feature everyday people with important stories to tell such as 24-year-old Georgia grad student, Aimee Copeland. After losing all her limbs to a rare flesh-eating bacteria, Copeland will defy all odds and walk for the first time across Couric's stage.Other notable guests include Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, who will break his silence on the murder case and his reunion with Knox, as well as Sharon and Lexie Love, whose daughter and sister Yeardley was murdered two years ago by her ex-boyfriend.Katie premieres Monday, Sept. 10.