Joan Rivers Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has made an entire career out of critiquing celebrity fashion, so when asked which A-lister she wants to make over, Rivers knew right away.

"Helena Bonham Carter," the Fashion Police host told reporters Friday at NBC's Summer Press day. "She looks like they left the door unlocked at the asylum."

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Rivers' daughter, co-executive producer Melissa, also dubbed Leighton Meester as "the gift that keeps on giving."

Co-host Kelly Osbourne defended Carter and said she doesn't want her team to help improve any celebrities' fashion sense. "We don't want to make anyone over because then we don't have anyone to make fun of!"

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Although Rivers, Osbourne and co-hosts Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos always dare to tell it like it is, they said it never goes beyond the red carpet. "I really make it a policy that nothing becomes a character assassination," Melissa said, adding that the team critiques with love.

Joked Osbourne, "When Joan calls you a wh---, she says it with so much love."

The key to dishing out (and taking) harsh criticism? "[You have to] own it. If you say it, you got to be able to back it up," Osbourne said.  "I get made fun of every week and I love it."

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