Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live's annual holiday episode also marked Jimmy Fallon's first time as host since he left the show in 2004. During his opening monologue, he humbly told the audience: "This place means so much to me. All I've ever wanted my whole life was to be on this show. And to be hosting, is just a dream come true." With that, he broke out into song — "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)." As he ran through the studio, bumping into cast members past and present, we were reminded of why we love Jimmy in the first place ... and why it was such a pleasure to have him back on SNL.


In "Sully and Denise," Fallon was joined by another SNL alum — Rachel Dratch. The two played Bahh-stin-dwelling high school sweethearts with an affinity for open-mouth kissing and the Red Sawx. In an attempt to relive their youth, the couple crashes a high school dance:



During his days as a cast member, one of Fallon's most memorable skits involved him mirroring Mick Jagger. But last night, Fallon mirrored himself (with the help of Andy Samberg).



"Weekend Update" has its highs and lows. But last night it hit an all-time high with a joke-off between Seth Meyers, Fallon, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey. The subject? A strip club offering free lap dancers to patrons who donated a toy for children in need. Toys for tatas!



The best Fallon-less skit of the evening was easily "Tebow," which sent up the Denver Broncos quarterback's Evangelical Christian beliefs and ability to pull off miraculously victories in the fourth quarter.



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