<i>The Switch</i> The Switch

Pretending to be friends on film was easy for Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, who take their more than decade-long friendship to the big screen in the new comedy The Switch, opening August 20.

"It's the kind of chemistry you can only hope for," says director Josh Gordon. "These two have known each other since their 20's, they've partied with each other, so it was great. They showed up on set with more back-story than we ever could have given these characters."

"It made it easy," says Bateman of pretending to be best friends with someone he knows so well in real life.

But how well do we know Aniston, really?

"I don't think there's anything we don't know about Jennifer, because everything in the tabloids is true, right?" jokes Gordon. "How about this? She's very little like the story they tell about her. She's very down to earth, funny, sweet, friendly and fun to work with."

And after the online debate that Aniston engaged in last week with Fox's Bill O'Reilly—who called her comments about women starting families without husbands "destructive to our society"—Gordon's money is on Aniston if she ever dukes it out with the conservative talk show host. "We're trying to get them together in a ring," he jokes. "No, her statement was really classy and funny, and I think, a great rebuttal to his."

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