Adam (Tyler Posey) is in it for the long-haul on Jane the Virgin. After turning down a job offer to explore his relationship with Jane (Gina Rodriguez), it's clear that this comic book artist is ready to take the next step — and that's exactly what they do this week, albeit on accident.

Since Rafael (Justin Baldoni) doesn't want Adam meeting Mateo yet, Jane does what she can to keep her Fun Jane and Mom Jane separate for the time being. However, when Mateo unexpectedly interrupts Adam and Jane at the Villanueva house during Friday's episode, that division is taken out of their hands. But is Adam really ready to face the realities of dating someone with a kid, or will he quickly come to regret his impulsive decision to choose Jane over his career? And how will Rafael react to Adam meeting Mateo without his permission? TV Guide spoke with Tyler Posey about all this and more.

Adam brings out a carefree side of Jane that we haven't really seen much of before. Why do you think he's able to pull that out of her?
Posey: They have a lot of history with each other, one where things weren't taken so seriously. They were kids. Even though there were big talks of getting married at such a young age, they were still kids. So she remembers a time of her life with him when there were no responsibilities, there were no bills, there was no baby, and I think she just remembers a more carefree lifestyle with Adam. And so I think it's easier for him to bring it out of her, especially because they have this history with each other. And he's a natural person, he's a genuine, sweet, just a good guy. And it's easy for anyone like that to motivate anyone to be a carefree, free-spirited person.

Do you think Jane needs someone like Adam in her life?
Posey: Yeah, absolutely. Jane's been through a lot in the last couple years, and Adam's role in her life right now is to make her realize that you can still have fun and love is still out there. After the death of Michael, she was taking it pretty hard and hasn't really crossed over to a side of being completely, 100 percent moved on and good yet. So Adam's role in her life is kind of just reminding her that you can still have fun, that there's still love out there.

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Adam seems pretty impulsive and carefree, but Jane is a mother. Do you think he's ready for the responsibility of dating someone with a kid?
Posey: I think no matter how impulsive you can seem, I think when you really, truly love somebody and they have a lot of responsibilities, like a kid, I think depending on how happy you are with where you've come in your life, you could transition to taking care of somebody with a kid or helping them take care of a kid and being in that relationship. So depending on how much they love them and where they are in their life, if they're ready to lock things down, then absolutely.

Adam meets Mateo this week, and based on the episode preview, it gets off to a rocky start. What can you say about how Adam is with kids and Mateo, in particular?
Posey: Adam is a kid himself, so he kind of treats kids how I treat kids, just kind of talks to them as an adult, doesn't really baby them. I think even at a young age, kids can respect that and appreciate it. And so Adam's that way. With Mateo, he's a little bit more delicate because it's his love's child, but yeah, he pretty much just treats them like a little adult, doesn't baby them too much.

Rafael doesn't want Adam to meet Mateo so early in his relationship with Jane. Will this cause tension between Rafael, Jane and Adam?
Posey: Yeah, there's always going to be a little bit of tension between the three of them just because Adam helped Jane break her leg and he just seems like a loose canon and Raf is probably a little bit jealous. So yeah, there's definitely going to be some tension between the three of them, especially when it comes to Mateo.

Even beyond having a kid, Jane's life is extremely complicated. How will incorporating Adam into her larger life go? What obstacles should we expect?
Posey: She's definitely got a lot going on in her life and him coming into the picture doesn't quite make things easier. There are some new obstacles that they'll have to overcome. It's mostly riding on Jane; Adam's just kind of there being himself. There's a couple of issues that he has with Jane later on, but really minor compared to how frazzled Jane seems by all the stuff that she has going on, plus the addition of Adam into her life. It's a lot for her to handle.

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Adam and Jane were ready to jump into marriage when they were teenagers, and now they're jumping into this relationship. How will the speed with which they're rushing into things affect the road ahead for them?
Posey: You can rush into a relationship and have it work or it could also not work. And you can take your time with a relationship and have that work or that could also not work. So relationships are kind of, not random, but different every time you hop into one, even if it's with the same person. So you can't really tell how this one's going to go yet.

Adam just turned down a major career opportunity to see where his relationship with Jane will go. Will he have any regrets over that decision?
Posey: Yeah, he's a struggling artist and he could definitely use a job. He loves Jane and definitely wants to be there with her and for her, but you know, you're always kind of questioning things that you do. I feel like every relationship needs a little bit of stress, you know. I think Adam's going to be thinking about that a lot and making sacrificing for your partner, and that's just always there. Whenever you're in a relationship, you've got to make sacrifices for your partner, so I think he sees this as one of those and it'll probably come up in the back of his head at one point because he needs the money. But as of now, he's just loving Jane.

Even though they knew each other when they were 19, there's probably a lot Jane and Adam don't know about each other now. Should we expect to learn some surprising things about Adam in the weeks ahead?
Posey: Yes, absolutely. Adam's changed a lot since he was 19 years old. You'll find out pretty much all of it in the next few episodes?

So we'll get to see what Adam's been up to since he jilted Jane at 19 through the present day?
Posey: You don't see every little detail, but there's a lot that gets revealed that's really cool. It was fun for me to play and just stuff you don't really expect.

Alba (Ivonne Coll) doesn't really approve of Adam. What do you think is really behind that dislike of him?
Posey: She kind of sees how reckless he is or at least thinks he's reckless. He's kind of a badass, carefree, artsy guy and he's got tattoos. He's one of the people that Alba didn't want for Jane early on, didn't really fit the picture of her for Jane. And then when they wanted to get married at such a young age, it put a bad taste in her mouth. So it's mostly just a thing that she's got to get over, I guess, more because he's a good guy. But she's so old-school and old-fashioned that it's hard for her.

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They wrote your tattoos into the show. Are there any other aspects of Adam that are based on you or you feel especially close to?
Yeah, he plays guitar. That was something they wrote in there, I think, for me since I play guitar. His kind of free-spirited and little kid attitude approach to life — not little kid, but fun-loving, very open, very genuine, but will stand up for what he believes; he won't get stepped on. All of those are pretty similar to how I operate. He and I are pretty similar.

Would you describe yourself as Team Adam or does part of you root for Rafael and Jane to make it work in the end?
Whatever Jane wants. Whatever makes Jane happy makes Adam happy and makes me happy. I love being on the show and I love being there, but whatever Jane wants.

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