[Warning: The following contains major spoilers from Jane the Virgin's Season 4 premiere. Read at your own risk!]

We knew the introduction of Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) first love Adam (Tyler Posey) was going to bring some major changes to Jane the Virgin, but we never could have predicted this.

In the Season 4 premiere we learn a lot about Adam, including the fact that he's a graphic novelist, really into astrology and, oh yeah, he has his own freakin' narrator! Up until now, Jane has been the only character with her own dedicated narrator — something Jane's narrator (Anthony Mendez) clearly took for granted. When Adam shows up in Jane's life and brings along his female narrator, the two omniscient storytellers immediately bump heads over who is the real hero of the story.

By the end of the episode, Jane's narrator reestablishes that this show is, and always will be, Jane's narrative, telling the other narrator "[Adam's] part of our story now."

So what does the fact that Adam got the full-blown narrator treatment mean? Will we ever hear from his narrator again? And who could this narrator be? We spoke to Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman to get the story behind this delightful premiere twist.

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When did you first start thinking about introducing a second narrator?
Jennie Snyder Urman: When we were breaking the story, we had a lot of pressure of how to introduce Adam with enough significance so that he felt different somehow from other characters that we've introduced, that he came along with enough weight of his own and also humor. We also feel a pressure at the beginning of the seasons to do something interesting and structurally try to be innovative. So while we were looking at all of those challenges particular to the first episode, one of our writers suggested that Adam come with his own narrator. It was one of those suggestions that once you hear you want to do immediately because it was in line with the theme of the episode: how everyone is the hero of their own story, how you have your own life and you're really moving through it and have your point of view and somebody's narrative crashes into yours and things change because we change each other. And so comedically and thematically it seemed like a good way to introduce Adam.

How much should we read into the fact that Adam is Jane's only love interest, not to mention the only other character, to get a dedicated narrator?
Well, I think you should read into it that he is going to be a significant part of the story and of Jane's emotional growth and learning and changing.

How big of a role will the female narrator play going forward?
It's just the first episode. It's just the introduction to Adam and then, as our narrator says, he's part of our story now. So we have folded him into our story and storytelling.

Do you think we'll ever see her return down the line?
I can't say never, but we don't have plans for it right now. We really wanted to incorporate him into Jane's world. Yeah, never say never, but it was really for the first episode.

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You've said that we will find out who the male narrator is. Will we also learn who the female narrator is?
Urman: I think you will just by — it won't be as specific, but you will understand it once the male narrator is revealed.

A lot of people put a lot of emphasis on trying to figure out who the narrator is and now those efforts will likely be doubled since there are two narrators. Do you think that people are focusing too much on that mystery rather than just enjoying the show as it goes?
: I hope they can do both. It's definitely a compelling question because he has knowledge, foresight, sometimes he's surprised. I think there are quite a few hints as to his relationship to the story and storytelling, so I enjoy the guesses. And I think it doesn't consume the whole watching of the show. It's something you think about once in a while, but hopefully enjoy the ride as it comes, knowing that you will get an answer at the end.

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