"The last few episodes of House are all about House and Wilson, but we bring back some old friends as well," says creator David Shore. The May 14 penultimate episode sees the return of Olivia Wilde as Thirteen, who shows up to help House help Wilson in his battle against cancer.

"Wilson is sick and Thirteen is sick and that's what connects them," Shore says. "She's grateful for the help she's received from House, and now she's [offering] a little to support Wilson." More assistance arrives for the series finale on May 21. Wilde will guest star in that episode as well, alongside Kal Penn and reportedly Jennifer Morrison and Amber Tamblyn.

"It's a generous thing for an actor to come back to help us say goodbye like this," says Hugh Laurie. "Once you've taken your bow, you're under no obligation to return. I am very grateful for the turnout."

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