Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland

The summer's heating up — and so are the love lives of the women on Hot in Cleveland.

"It's getting pretty hot!" Wendie Malick tells "Huey Lewis played an old love of mine, who was a rock star in the '70s. We reconnect after all these years, trying to recreate what we once had, which is pretty hilarious."

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Malick's out-of-work soap actress Victoria Chase isn't the only one seeing some action on the TV Land hit (Wednesdays at 10/9c). Last week, Joy (Jane Leeves) dated a much younger man whom she feared was her son (he wasn't), while Betty White's curmudgeonly Elka will lock eyes with guest-star Carl Reiner this week.

And could some girl-on-girl action be coming Melanie's (Valerie Bertinelli) way?

"Valerie [has] a very interesting, almost romantic scene with Amy Yasbeck," Malick teases. "It does get a little racy."

See what else Malick and Leeves have to say about their new sitcom below: