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Are You Ready for a Hillary Clinton TV Series?

It's nonfiction... kind of?

Lindsay MacDonald

Honestly, considering the state of television and, you know, the world, it's pretty shocking that it has taken this long for someone to turn the story of Hillary Clinton's campaigns for president into a TV series, but better late than never!

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. TV has acquired the rights to Amy Chozick's memoir Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns and One Intact Glass Ceiling, which tells the story of Clinton's campaigns against Barack Obama and Donald Trump from Chozick's perspective. She was a political reporter for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times during the campaigns. WBTV apparently plans to turn the book into a series, though no network is attached at this time.

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When the book was released back in April, it immediately became a bestseller. However, it wasn't popular with the Clinton family. Though Chasing Hillary is billed as nonfiction, Chelsea Clinton spoke out against the memoir -- at least the parts having to do with her. In response to Chozick's author's note, which states, "This book is a work of nonfiction in that everything in it happened," Clinton tweeted the following:

"Hi Amy! The first sentence in the excerpt below is false -- everything I've heard thus far that you write about me didn't happen. We clearly have different definitions of nonfiction. Looking forward to your (belated) fact checking as relates to me. Thanks!"

Chozick did mention that the book is based on her own memories and impressions of covering the campaigns, so bias is inherent. If the TV series turns out to be a fictionalized version of the campaigns, we can probably expect further scrutiny from the Clinton family.

Now the biggest question is: Who the heck will they cast to play Hillary?!

Hillary Clinton, Geisinger National Symposium

Hillary Clinton, Geisinger National Symposium

Lisa Lake, Getty Images for Geisinger Sympo