Update 12:45 p.m. PT : Tom Arnold has reportedly filed an an assault charge against Mark Burnett in the wake of Sunday's alleged attack, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Arnold alleges that their verbal altercation turned physical at around around 9:00 p.m. PT, when both men entered the party, and that other stars in attendance had to break up the fight.

Tom Arnold is under Mark Burnett's skin. Arnold — the actor/writer-turned-truth crusader(?) whose Viceland show The Hunt for the Trump Tapes premieres tomorrow — claims the Apprentice producer choked him at a pre-Emmys party Sunday night. Arnold has been pressing Burnett to release recordings he allegedly has of then-Apprentice host Donald Trump saying the N-word and other horrible things on the set of the reality show.

"Mark Burnett just went apes--- & choked me at this huge Emmy party then he ran away with his torn Pink shirt & missing gold chain," Arnold tweeted. "I'm waiting for LAPD."

How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan confirmed that the fight did in fact happen, tweeting: "Walked n2 party behind Tom Arnold and saw him & Mark Burnett get into a fight! Thought it was a joke until security jumped in!" She added that Survivor host Jeff Probst tried to break it up.

Though security did indeed break up the fight, Variety reports that both men were allowed to enter the party afterwards.

Burnett's wife, actress and producer Roma Downey, tweeted a picture of a bruise she says she got when Arnold "ambushed" her and her husband, adding "Is your TV show worth it Tom? Please stop."

"Bulls---," Arnold replied. "You lie your crazy husband attacked me you psycho. I'm filing police report & suing you for defamation."

Deadline reports that after the incident Arnold was telling onlookers that he had obtained Apprentice tapes and passed them along to reporter Ronan Farrow, whose reporting on film producer Harvey Weinstein and TV executive Les Moonves' alleged sexual misconduct helped bring them down.

This all sounds of a piece with how Arnold presents himself on the show, which is unhinged but in pursuit of truth and justice.

The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold premieres Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 10:30/9:30c on Viceland.