Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen

Forget Shrek. The summer's really entertaining donkeys are the poor souls serving under Gordon Ramsay this season. For round 6 of the blue-plate Top Chef, Fox has assembled another posse of Risotto-challenged chuckleheads who are sure to fire up our favorite foul-mouth with their rampant kitchen incompetence.

In Tuesday's opener alone, we got Sous Chef Jamie serving him Chicken Kiev complete with a side of toothpick, Scott the Executive Chef Amongst Cooks preparing a "rather pathetic" duck-breast entrée, and single-mom Nilka nearly killing the master cook with her sweet and spicy wings (half a bottle of Tabasco? Really, hon?).

But our fave so far is freaky Farmer Andrew. Deemed "the Hell's Kitchen Hannibal Lecter," the crazy-eyed foodie claims to love raw meat and bragged about his slaughtering skills. Should be interesting to see if he has the stomach for all of Ramsay's screaming...not to mention any other body parts he might want to store in those walk-in coolers he covets so much.

What did you think of this clueless crew?

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