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[Warning: This story includes major spoilers from the season finale of Grey's Anatomy]

Oh, Meredith Grey, you have really screwed up this time.

In the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) decision to tamper with the Alzheimer's clinical trial was put front and center, as her actions fractured her marriage with Derek (Patrick Dempsey). As Derek sought refuge at the unfinished McMansion, Meredith was left alone to care for newly adopted baby Zola. Fortunately, this may open the door for more dark and twisty Meredith!

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"It will give her and Derek some interesting stuff to play [next season]," Sarah Drew tells TVGuide.com "They've been so happy for the last few seasons and there hasn't been much drama between the two of them, and now this is a massive thing that's come between them."

Meredith will also have to deal with the fallout between her and Alex (Justin Chambers), who had revealed her misdeed to Owen (Kevin McKidd) in hopes it would pull her out of the running for Chief Resident. Unfortunately for Alex, he could not have foreseen that this would cause irrevocable damage to both their careers, as Owen elected April the Chief Resident in Alex's place, and Meredith was suspended from the hospital.

"That's going to be something the whole hospital will feel," Drew continues. "There will be tension between the two of them, and the happy home of residents that Meredith created in her house is now kind of split and crumbling apart — and there's going to be a baby crying in the background!"

Grey's Anatomy's season finale: Meredith's misdeed tears Seattle Grace apart

Meredith and Derek weren't the only couple to reach an impasse. After Cristina (Sandra Oh) discovered she was pregnant, she decided to cut Owen out of the decision making and scheduled an abortion, prompting Owen to kick her out of the house. "I think there's going to be a lot of movement towards healing and reparation," Drew says of next season, "People really hurting each other and trying to get past it."

As for the new hierarchy with April in charge, it's one thing to be Chief Resident on paper and another to put the title into action. "I think she's going to be amazing at creating protocols that work incredibly efficiently," Drew says. "However, part of being Chief Resident is demanding respect so that people actually do what you say and follow the protocols you set in motion. The biggest thing for her is to really gain the respect of her peers."

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