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It's no secret that Gotham's Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has a lot of demons — but which ones haunt him the most? He's going to find out!

Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan) — better known as Scarecrow — is ready to terrorize the city, and Gordon is going to walk straight into his clutches while on a mission to clean up Penguin's (Robin Lord Taylor) controlled crime mess.

Gotham Jumps on the Scary Clown Train with More Scarecrow Footage

Scarecrow wants to exact revenge on Gordon for killing his father, and that means Jim Gordon is getting a face full of the villain's nightmare-inducing spray. But what will Gordon see? Is it demonic fire creatures? Nah, that's too easy. Terrifying clowns? No, though those show up elsewhere in the episode and it is terrible.

Gordon's worst fear is a much more personal demon — Lee (Morena Baccarin). His ex makes a heartbreaking comeback in Episode 2, spouting prose about how Jim has ruined her life before attempting to end the misery herself.

Jonathan's plan is to set Gordon off his game — and we know that nothing gets to Gotham's most dedicated cop more than Lee — but will the Scarecrow succeed? How low will Gordon go if he does?

Gotham continues Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox.