Paul Reubens will make his debut as Elijah Van Dahl, Penguin's (Robin Lord Taylor) biological father, on Monday's episode of Gotham.

The surprise for Penguin is not just that he finds out his dad is still alive, but also that he has an entire family to welcome him home! His stepmother (Melinda Clarke) and two step-siblings will welcome Oswald into their lives with open arms. A new family goes perfectly with Penguin's new sunny, non-violent disposition.

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The new relations couldn't come at a better time. Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) and Butch (Drew Powell) have no room for Penguin in their new organization, and have a little "fun" with him for even daring to ask. He's also rebuked by his thought-to-be new BFF Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), who is hitting his stride with his new persona.

But while the Van Dahls will save Penguin from a life on the streets alone, they may be bad news for him in the long run. Executive producer John Stephens has described Elijah as "a man with enormous wealth and even more secrets," which makes you wonder if he and his kin will be the ones to undo Dr. Strange's (BD Wong) progress in making Penguin a functioning member of society.

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