Katie Couric Katie Couric

Katie Couric was feeling kind of kinky during Sunday night's Golden Globes, while Mindy Kaling opined about Rob Lowe's overzealous tan. How do we know? Twitter, of course! As it turns out, we weren't as entertained with Ricky Gervais' hosting performance as we had hoped, so it's a good thing we had an entire Twitterverse to keep us laughing throughout the telecast. Herewith: Our favorite tweets of the evening. Share your favorites in the comments below.

1. @mindykaling: Rob Lowe's skin is darker than mine own. #goldenglobes

2. @BrianJMoylan (writer, Gawker): Michelle Pfeiffer is going to star in "The Incredible Woman's Shrinking Nose."

3. @michaelianblack: How long does it take for Angelina Jolie's make-up team to paint on human skin?

4. @SandraBernhard: hello #downtonabbey you see we do like quality programming. give us something amazing & we rise to the occasion, unless #nyhousewives is on

5. @ditzkoff (writer, New York Times): Ryan Gosling gave the Golden Globes a five-minute window when he'd be available, and they didn't make it.

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6. @mbyhoff (Yahoo!): This Golden Globes was so riveting it will go down as "the one with the dog on stage."

7. @EricStangel (Executive Producer, Late Show With David Letterman): Is there a #GoldenGlobes death montage, and if so, was there time to add the Packers to it?

8. @billyeichner (Funny or Die): Great, now Andie Macdowell's daughter is gonna have to clean up dog sh*t. #GroundhogDay #GreenCard

9. @DannyZuker (Executive Producer, Modern Family) Based on the hype I'll be disappointed if Ricky Gervais does anything less than urinate on a table of movie stars. #GoldenGlobes

10. @Katiecouric: I've watched American Horror Story. It's great and kind of kinky! #goldenglobes

11. @AdrianChen (writer, Gawker): Martin Scorse: Accepting a Golden Globe or ordering a pastrami on rye at Katz's?

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12. @Vulture "Come and get it, Woody"— Golden Globes quotes with no context #goldenglobes

13. @papermagazine: Most shocking #GoldenGlobes fact of the night: Matt LeBlanc was previously nominated for JOEY. #wut?

14. @SarahKSilverman: Josh Brolin wins largest head 4th year in a row! Diane Lane wins smallest (2nd time nom, first win!)