On Sunday, Talking Dead revealed that the Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover character will be Morgan (Lennie James). While we're happy to get more Morgan, we have to admit that our eyebrows raised when we thought about how Fear the Walking Dead is going to pull this off. The timeline of The Walking Dead, after all, is far ahead of the timeline of Fear the Walking Dead. But we see a few possibilities for how Morgan could link up with Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and the gang. Three, to be exact:

1. The connection is thematic. There's the possibility that Morgan's Walking Dead story will continue on Fear the Walking Dead, and his scenes in the future will impressionistically mirror the Clarks' in the past. This is the riskiest possibility; it could have a gratifying creative payoff, but could also end up feeling pointless.

2. Fear the Walking Dead will jump forward in time. FTWD might skip ahead a couple years to meet up with Morgan after he leaves Alexandria and The Walking Dead (which he definitely is doing). This seems like a leap (pun intended), especially considering Season 3 ended on a cliff-hanger, but hey, maybe new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg are doing a full creative reboot. They are changing the setting and adding a lot of new cast members, after all. And as The Walking Dead showrunner and newly-minted FTWD executive producer Scott Gimple said when Morgan's move was revealed, "Morgan's arc in The Walking Dead season eight positioned him for the story on Fear the Walking Dead." Maybe FTWD's arc is bending to meet his.

3. We'll see Morgan's time in the wilderness. There's a long stretch of time — probably about eight months in Walking Dead time — between when Morgan was introduced in the pilot and when he reappeared in the Season 3 episode "Clear" having gone completely insane. Fear the Walking Dead might fill in that gap. Maybe he travels to Texas and back. Maybe Nick (Frank Dillane) drives him crazy somehow. He's certainly been driving his mother crazy for years.

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