Justin Hartley in Smallville by Michael Courtney/The CW Justin Hartley in Smallville by Michael Courtney/The CW

It's time for an all-new adventure in arithmetic, Ausholes!

Justin Hartley's CW drama pilot, Austin Golden Hour, failed to receive a pick-up this week.
The towering Adonis has a talent-holding deal with the CW, which means the network pretty much owns him for the foreseeable future.
His Green Arrow was wildly popular on Smallville, and fans have been clamoring for the Justice Leaguer's return since the moment he left.
In light of Michael Rosenbaum's impending Smallville exit - Lex bids adieu in tonight's season finale (8 pm/ET) - and Kristin Kreuk's decreased role next season, the show needs all the familiar faces it can get its hands on.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that producers are very keen on bringing Hartley back into the fold ASAP.
Duh. Justin Hartley is (probably) returning to Smallville next season as Green Arrow!

Are you guys getting the same thing? Crunch the numbers and let me know!

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