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How close was last night's elimination vote on Top Chef: All Stars? Razor-thin!

TV Guide Magazine had exclusive access to the "last supper" challenge in the Bahamas, where guest judge Wolfgang Puck initially indicated that he preferred cheftestant Antonia Lofaso's single bite of grouper to Mike Isabella's surf-and-turf concoction. After chatting with head judge Tom Colicchio during a break in filming, Puck changed his mind, and Antonia was sent packing by a 4-3 judges margin.

Colicchio swore he hadn't influenced Puck's decision, but joked, "I smell scandal!" Fellow judge Gail Simmons laughingly declared it "Bahamas-gate." In the end, producers decided to leave the switcheroo out of the episode "because the discussion happened off-camera," exec producer Dan Cutforth later explained. "So there was no real way to do that in the format of the show."

Will fans be up in arms over this controversy? "People are going to get pissed off about everything," Colicchio says. "It doesn't matter. In the end, I thought we had a great finale. The food was really good. It all worked out."

The Top Chef All Stars finale airs Wednesday, March 30 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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