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Criminal Minds Will Serve Up Justice and Dancing in Its Series Finale

We have to catch The Chameleon first though

Megan Vick

The end is here: Criminal Minds officially says goodbye this week after 15 seasons. That's a decade and a half of catching bad guys and becoming a family at the BAU. But even though we are down to the final two hours of the CBS procedural, there is still plenty to look forward to before we bid adieu to the team.

"There's so much to wrap up, just with our our trajectory of catching, or hunting for, I should say, The Chameleon," executive producer Erica Messer teased to TV Guide ahead of Wednesday's finale. The first half of the finale will focus on the hunt for Everett Lynch (Michael Mosley), aka The Chameleon, who has spent a full season evading the team. So now it is finally time for justice.

"Everett Lynch has been a thorn in Rossi's side since the end of Season 14. So, we have to have that make a bigger impact than it already did, on our team and on Rossi specifically," Messer explained.

The Criminal Minds Series Finale Trailer Brings Back a Lot of Familiar Faces

And while the hunt for Lynch will test the team in new ways, the finale won't be totally stressful. Messer promised that she and her creative team included the fun stuff that makes the BAU feel like such a tight-knit unit as well.

"We didn't want to go so far off pattern that it wasn't like a recognizable end to, not just the season, but the series. We wanted to stay true to what everybody has responded to and loved and cheered on for all these years. That's the best of the best catching the worst of the worst," she said. "I felt like we were really able to do accomplish all of our goals. The good guys get the bad guy, and they get to have a little celebration at the end. ... Personally, my favorite part of the show is when we get to see our heroes take a breather, and smile, and dance. I'm hoping that we're able to give the fans that as a little gift as well because I think they enjoy it as much as we do."

Basically, we must prepare for our last unsub hunt, but there will still be occasion to pop some champagne and drink with our favorites one last time.

The series finale of Criminal Mindsairs Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

Joe Mantegna, Criminal Minds​

Joe Mantegna, Criminal Minds

Cliff Lipson, CBS