Christa Miller and Courteney Cox Christa Miller and Courteney Cox

The stars of Cougar Town are about to appear on your TV screen a lot sooner than their scheduled midseason return.

"We decided it might be funny to say our cast is going to be on in the fall more than any other cast," executive producer Bill Lawrence told USA Today. The result is that his actors will appear in background roles on numerous shows before the Season 3 premiere.

Ian Gomez will start things off as a doctor on Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, followed by Courteney Cox and Christa Miller, who can be seen as a lesbian couple on Private Practice.

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"I thought it was hysterical," Cox said. "Bill and the writers have always been great about figuring out ways to keep people aware of our show even when we're not on TV."

Currently, 13 shows across several networks are involved in the ruse with uncredited, non-speaking appearances that will also include Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Busy Phillips and Brian Van Holt.

"Hopefully, it will be kind of a game for our fans and remind people we're still around and coming back soon enough," Lawrence added.