The Talk The Talk

Cheers to The Talk for providing the perfect midday drinking game.  

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 Every time the anchor of CBS' mom-centric chat show, Julie Chen, mentions how many children a guest has during an intro, drink! Every time Sharon Osbourne takes off her shoes and curls up her bare feet on the couch, drink! Every time Sara Gilbert gets a what-kind-of-a-five-headed-Frankenstein-monster-have-I-cocreated look of terror on her face, drink! Every time Holly Robinson Peete... wait, her husband is an ex-NFL quarterback who follows me on Twitter, so I'm not gonna mock her. And every time Leah Remini screams, chug! (But first, hit the "mute" button.)

Not for nothing have two executive producers quit this show in less than a year — the last one after only two weeks on the job. The Talk would be more accurately titled The Trainwreck. Yet somehow, it's all so deliciously intoxicating.

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