Navi Rawat Navi Rawat

Jeers to Navi Rawat for throwing a wet blanket on Burn Notice.

USA's summer spy caper has been firing on all cylinders in Season 4, charged up by the addition of Coby Bell as charming comrade-in-arms Jesse Porter. But the action comes to a screeching halt every time the Numb3rs alum shows up as Kendra, a professional killer who's been playing a game of cat and mouse with Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan). Unfortunately, the only deadly things about Rawat are her line readings.

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Even more unfortunately, we haven't seen the last of Kendra. Michael and Sam (Bruce Campbell) threw her in the trunk of their car in this week's final scene after she came at Mikey with a knife, and she's prominently featured in the teaser for the next episode. Rawat hasn't been such an unwanted primetime presence since her embarrassing stint as Ryan's pregnant ex-girlfriend, Theresa, on The O.C.

Do you think Navi Rawat adds to—or subtracts from—Burn Notice?

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