Joelle Carter Joelle Carter

Cheers to Joelle Carter for breaking bad (in a good way) on Justified.

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Her character, Ava Crowder, opened the FX drama by gunning down her abusive husband, Bowman. Two and a half seasons later, she's evolved into a Bonnie to her ex-brother-in law Boyd's Clyde. This week, she gave shelter to an abused prostitute — and proceeded to lure her pimp, Delroy (William Mapother), into a trap and shoot him down.

Lest you think she solely did this out of the goodness of her heart, Ava told Boyd (Walton Goggins) — whom she'd sprung from jail with the help of ex-lover Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) — that she wants to become the madam for Delroy's remaining hookers. The quietly powerful Carter has pulled off the transition from victim to villainess with such subtlety and skill that a best supporting actress Emmy nomination would surely be Justified.

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