Blue Bloods Blue Bloods

Cheers to Blue Bloods for putting a squad of veteran crimefighters back on the job.

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Magnum P.I
.-turned-NYPD Commissioner Tom Selleck tops the list of cops, but CBS' rookie hit has also gotten Donnie Wahlberg — who traded NKOTB for the LAPD in NBC's underrated 2002-2003 crime drama Boomtown — back on the beat as his son, hotshot detective Danny Reagan. Meanwhile, Nicholas Turturro, who served seven seasons as Det. James Martinez on ABC's NYPD Blue, has rejoined the force as Sgt. Anthony Renzulli, the seen-it-all partner of newbie patrolman Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).

This week's standout episode also introduced the superb character actor Matt Servitto, who tirelessly trailed Tony as Agent Harris on The Sopranos, as the NYPD's Deputy Commissioner for intelligence and featured the return of an ex-Oz correctional officer, the always-reliable Robert Clohessy, as Sgt. Gormley. With proven bad-guy-busters like these, New Yorkers can sleep soundly knowing they're well-protected — on TV, at least.   

Do you think Blue Bloods' NYPD officers are AOK?

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