Nancy Grace, <i>Swift Justice</i> Nancy Grace, Swift Justice

Jeers to Swift Justice.

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No, I'm not talking about Taylor Swift's VMA revenge on Kanye West — although I'd rather watch those two mudwrestle than this new syndicated Judge Judy not-gonnabe with

Nancy Grace. Can someone please explain this browbeating brute's appeal? As if she doesn't have enough time on her nightly hourlong self-titled HLN jeremiad to badger would-be witnesses, now she's appointed herself judge, jury and executioner on small-claims cases brought by plaintiffs and defendants naïve — or attention-starved — enough to allow Grace to make a final, binding decision. ("Case closed!" she barks after each one.)Adding insult to inanity, Grace chose a bullying case to kick off her opening session. The mom of a West Virginia teen with a deformed arm who was allegedly taunted by a "mean girl" admitted to hiring a "hit girl" to beat up her daughter's antagonist. Ignoring minor details like the rules of evidence, Nancy snarled, "I can look at you and tell you did it!" at the supposed attacker-turned-victim (whose mom was suing for moving costs because she claimed she had to leave the state). Later, she hissed, "You're not going to bully me, little girl!" That's the pot calling the kettle bully.One can only hope Amy Poehler revives her devastating parody of Grace when she guest-hosts SNL's season opener next week. That would truly be Swift Justice.Do you think Nancy Grace's new show should be Swiftly dismissed?

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