Will Estes, Blue Bloods Will Estes, Blue Bloods

Most season finales involve cliff-hangers and a long, grueling summer of guessing games for fans, but Will Estes assures us that won't be the case for Blue Bloods.

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"I heard about a show one time — I think it was a soap — where they were having a nightmare of a time renegotiating everyone's contracts," Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan, tells TVGuide.com. "So the writers and producers came up with the cliff-hanger of a crazed gunman bursting into the hall and opens fire with an automatic weapon and then it cuts to black. That made it a lot easier to renegotiate contracts because anybody could've been dead. I can tell you that will not happen to us! There is no cliff-hanger at all. You won't have to worry about us."Instead, on Friday (10/9c on CBS), the family cop drama will wrap up its season-long arc of the Blue Templar — the rogue group of NYPD officers that killed Jamie's late brother, Joe, who was working with the FBI to investigate it. Jamie, who was approached by FBI agents in the pilot to finish what Joe started, had left his crime-fighting family out of the loop all season — until last week when he told Danny (Donnie Wahlberg

) after his gun went missing and he was nearly killed driving with faulty brakes.

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"I think it was something that he kept to himself because... he felt like joining the FBI investigation would be betraying his family," Estes says. "But gradually Jamie's been made a target. They've tried to kill him. I think at that point, if you're that big of a target and your family's that big of a target, then it's time put something together to try to stop them."Led by their father, police commissioner Frank (Tom Selleck), the Reagans crack down on the secret society via a big drug bust on dirty cops in connection with the Templar. While speculation has run rampant over who is in the Templar, Estes promises none of the members are the Reagans. This is in spite of, as we've seen, a Blue Templar pin inside Danny's safe and photos of Henry (Len Cariou) and Templar members.

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"It's an old little organization, but it's turned into something different," Estes says. "The Reagans are the good guys! Rest assured. Erin Reagan [Bridget Moynahan] is not dirty! She's a good ADA. There isn't a betrayal on any inter-familial level, but there's a betrayal there between members of the force that are our friends on the force who were not known to be involved."The most obvious suspects would be Det. Malevsky (Michael T. Weiss) and Lt. Bello (Nick Sandow), who have been making shady phone calls regarding Jamie in recent weeks. They're very involved," Estes teases. "It's very cat-and-mouse. I think it's an exciting finale. I think the audience is going to respond to it. There are big, sort of, iconic juxtapositions. Cops always fight the bad guys, but when the bad guys are cops, that's always tough. They're confronting them and the Blue Templar's got to come down."Because Jamie's a target of the Blue Templar, he is "less in involved than he'd liked to be" in the takedown and is instead working a kidnapping case. But he does get to see some action. "I have a back-up [gun] and I actually get to fire my weapon. That's very big!" Estes says. "A lot of police officers go their whole career without firing their weapon. ... I shoot, I hit my target, but I did not kill him. Maybe I'll get [my first kill] next season."

Blue Bloods parts ways with creators

Though CBS has not yet officially renewed Blue Bloods, the series will likely see a Season 2 — but without creators and executive producers Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess. Estes has "no clue" what's in store for next season, except for what won't be."No more Blue Templar. It ends here and now. I'm excited to see what they'll come up for us," he says. "I would love to do more stuff with Nick [Turturro]. We definitely look forward to doing more together. Hopefully I'll still be a cop!"