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Big Brother 20: Rachel Says Angela Is "A Horrible Person"

Rachel has some choice words for her former friend

Sadie Gennis

Big Brother 20 is the wildest season in a while. In the fourth blindside in five weeks, Rachel was evicted in a 5-4 vote after her Level 6 alliance turned against her and decided to save fellow alliance member Brett.

Rachel only has herself to blame, though... and maybe Angela, too. After telling HOH Bayleigh she'd be OK to go up as a pawn, Rachel began a weeklong meltdown in which she alienated herself from nearly everyone else in the house. After Tyler won the Power of Veto and Bayleigh told Rachel he threw out Angela's name as a potential replacement nominee, Rachel's freakout went into overdrive. She told Angela that Tyler had turned against her and about Bayleigh's power app. Unbeknownst to Rachel or Bayleigh, Angela then went and blabbed about Bayleigh's power to everyone else in Level 6 and JC!

Although Bayleigh's side of the house really wanted Brett out, they couldn't stand Rachel's paranoia and thought about evicting her. However, in the end, they decided to go after Brett... which failed. Bayleigh and her squad were blindsided again when Level 6 evicted Rachel. In a cruel move, Brett and Angela decided to twist the knife in Rachel's back, with Brett attacking Rachel in his speech and Angela ripping into Rachel in her goodbye message.

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TV Guide hopped on the phone with Rachel to discuss her blindside, what she'd say to Brett and Angela if given the chance and why she flipped out to begin with.

Now that you've had some time to process, how are you feeling?
Rachel: Well, doing all the interviews has been fun. Yeah, I processed it. I believe Tyler spearheaded this whole thing and my alliance turned against me and yeah, that's what it is. I wish I had known before I walked out the door; I would have blown up all their games and wouldn't have felt bad about it. But I have finale night and I look forward to that.

I would say Angela more than anyone else engineered your blindside. How does that make you feel?
Rachel: I couldn't care less about Angela. You know, if that's her character and that's who she is as a person then her relationship means nothing to me. After this is over, she's the one that executed this and did a lot of this. ... She's a horrible person then, straight up horrible person. She took somebody's genuine feelings, emotions and genuine friendship and used it against them, and I think that's dirty and disgusting and I really would have been loyal to her until the end, and I got played.

Angela called you irrelevant in her goodbye message.
She's irrelevant!

What would you say to her in response to that if given the chance?
Rachel: I would say -- and I hope I get the chance to do this on finale night -- I may have been Week 2, but you're irrelevant the whole season.

Big Brother 20​

If you had to be stuck in a room for 24 hours, who would you pick: Angela or the screaming guy from your crap app?
Rachel: Oh boy... The guy from the crap app.

Your speech was so positive last night and you had no idea that Brett was going to go after you so viciously. What would your speech have been if Brett had spoken first?
Rachel: Oh my lord, I don't even know. It would have thrown me off so badly. I probably just would have been like, "Oh, this is your last ditch effort to save yourself. You're conniving. And you're using my good nature and my honesty and who I am as a person against me and you can eff off," is what I would say. I don't know, there'd be a lot of choice words that I'd want to say that I can't say on live TV.

Do you think you picked the wrong side of the house to form an alliance with?
Rachel: Yeah, they were the snakes. They were the sneaky ones, they were the ones that were doing this dirty work and I thought I picked the good side. Tyler and Angela are from South Carolina! They're from my side of the pond, and I thought that I could trust them. I thought that our bond being from the same state was enough. But it wasn't.

Do you bear a grudge toward your Level 6 allies for blindsiding you or do you think you guys could become friends outside the house?
Rachel: I don't really care, to be honest with you, to be friends with anybody. I'm going to watch everything back and I'm going to see what happened and I'll see who orchestrated this and who just kind of went with it. And those people that just went with it, I will be friends with them. But the people that really orchestrated this, which I assuming is Angela and Tyler, I don't really care to be their friends. I don't really care. I have a great life with great friends and I don't need their friendships.

Your alliance members began to question you after you got upset after noms. You knew you were probably going up on the block, so why did you flip out after you were nominated?
Rachel: Honestly, the week got really congested and confusing for me. I flipped out because I was upset I was going up. I didn't want to go up, I felt like I could have done more for my alliance and for myself [if I did] not go on the block. I gave her a window of opportunity to put me up and afterwards I went back on it and I said, "Please, I don't want to go up, I don't want to go up." Whatever. And she just kind of ran with it. And I got so upset because I thought I could have done more for myself and for my alliance and that's why I reacted that way. It was just genuine emotions of just, "Why didn't I do enough? This is bad for my game."

Do you think if you had kept a cooler head that you'd still be in the house right now?
Rachel: Probably. For sure. Probably. I think what happened was once Tyler found out what I said, I think that was when the ball started rolling.

​Rachel Swindler, Big Brother 20

Why did you take Bayleigh at her word about what Tyler said about Angela being the replacement nom instead of talking to Tyler, who had been very loyal to your alliance so far?
Rachel: I thought because Bayleigh had told me about her power app that I could trust her and what she was saying. And it makes sense to me because Tyler was about to be the only guy in a four-person alliance with three girls. So it made sense to me. And I also didn't understand why Bayleigh would say "I'm going to put Angela up." It doesn't make sense to me. Because she doesn't know that there's any involvement between me, Tyler and Angela. She doesn't know about that. So the story didn't make sense to me. His story didn't make sense to me when I heard it from him, so I took Bayleigh at her word because she told me about her app and I trusted her.

You were so close to making it to jury, but are you grateful you don't have to be stuck in a house with everyone who betrayed you for the rest of the summer?
Rachel: Yes, I do, I do feel good about that. [Laughs] Specifically Angela. Specifically.

If you could play the game again, would you play dirty or loyal?
Rachel: No, I'd still play it loyal. I can't play a dirty game. I planned on playing a bit of a dirty game around the end. I wanted to be loyal until I couldn't anymore. That's where I was going with that. And that's what I'd do. What I'd do differently is I just wouldn't open my mouth about anything. I trusted Angela, the wrong person. I trusted the wrong person. I thought I could trust her.

Who are you rooting for to win now?
God, well I can't wait to watch back and see what happened so I know who I really am rooting for. But at this point in time, I mean, honestly, Tyler is playing a good game so I'll give him that. Tyler's playing a good game. Anybody on the other side, Haleigh's floating. Um, at this point, come on, Fessy. Let Fessy win. I'm all for Fessy. Team Fessy. Or Team Sam. Or Team Bayleigh. We'll see.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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