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Big Brother 20: Kaitlyn Is "Honestly Not Sure" How Her Boyfriend Feels

Too bad all of Twitter already knows...

Sadie Gennis

Things got seriously messy in the Big Brotherhouse this week. After a few weeks of blindsides and backdoors, Sam changed things up with her HOH reign by being extremely upfront about who her targets were and why.

During the nomination ceremony in Sunday's episode, Sam put up Kaitlyn and Haleigh because she thought neither woman showed respect for the men in the house or for themselves. She elaborated on the reasons behind this decision to Rachel on the live feeds, during which time she continued to slut-shame Kaitlyn and Haleigh for looking "like they just rolled out of bed" and "yelling like a cat." When Rockstar spoke with Sam on Saturday about her nominations, Rockstar pointed out that the men in the house flirt too, which Sam brushed off by saying, "Men can't help themselves."

Tensions only continued to rise when Fessy promised both Haleigh and Kaitlyn that he would use the Veto on them if he won. When he did win, Fessy then had to choose a side once and for all and he chose to save Haleigh. Kaitlyn was... not pleased.

​Kaitlyn Herman, Big Brother 20

Sam originally appeared to have decided to nominate JC as a pawn, but when he begged her not to during the ceremony, she quickly changed her mind and named Rockstar -- whom Tyler had previously suggested as a replacement nominee. The house was divided on who they were going to evict at first, but they eventually settled on evicting Kaitlyn in what was supposed to be a unanimous vote. However, JC secretly voted to evict Rockstar, apparently as part of a plan to frame another houseguest (Scottie? Tyler?) and send them home.

Knowing that whoever got evicted this week could return to the game, Sam made some bold choices by making things so personal -- and downright cruel -- this week. But Sam lucked out since Kaitlyn lost the puzzle competition that could have kept her in, despite it looking incredibly easy.

TV Guide chatted with Kaitlyn on Friday about why she seemingly gave up on the puzzle, her relationships with Fessy and Tyler and how she imagines the fan reaction to her will be.

You were so close to completing the puzzle but you just gave up at one point. Do you think if you had powered through without stopping, you would have been able to complete it?
Totally. I blame myself for giving up... for having a moment of defeat. The game wasn't over. I could have powered through but that is not what was meant to be.

​Kaitlyn Herman, Big Brother 20

If you had stayed, who would your targets had been?
Kaitlyn: If I stayed in the house I would have been coming for Fessy and Tyler. I didn't lie when I said I want a girl to win this. It is 2018. It is the year of the powerful female and the men just have to go.

JC was the one vote to keep you. Why do you think he did that? Was he trying to frame Tyler?
Kaitlyn: JC was absolutely not trying to frame Tyler. JC saw me in a very vulnerable moment and he did what his heart and his intuition told him to do. I am very proud of him for making the unpopular choice and listening to his intuition. I have nothing but love for JC.

You were extremely hurt by what Sam said in the nomination ceremony this week. Why do you think she decided to make things so personal?
Kaitlyn: I will never understand why Sam decided to make things so personal. That is one thing I will never be able to wrap my head around.

Do you think Sam is a hypocrite for claiming she's all about being an empowered female when she only targeted the other women in the house and personally attacked their choices?
Kaitlyn: I think Sam and I have very different opinions on the meaning of an empowered female. Sure, do I think her actions were hypocritical, absolutely. But, they were hypocritical to my definition of an empowered woman and not to hers.

Do you think it's unfair how you and Haleigh were being targeted for your relationships with the guys in the house, but men like Tyler and Fessy's flirtations are just accepted?
Kaitlyn: Oh my god, YES. It is the perfect example of how guys get away with everything and girls can get away with nothing. Let's be clear... my strategy was for an all-girls alliance and for a girl to win the whole thing but I knew that creating close relationship with the men in the house would keep me safe if one of them was in power. Little to my surprise I actually ended up personally liking these people, these men, so joke's on me, but it was a part of my strategy all along.

You entered this house with a serious boyfriend. How do you imagine he feels about your relationships with Tyler and Fessy?
Kaitlyn: I am honestly not sure. What I do know is that Joe knows who I am at my core. He knows I am an affectionate person but he also knows how deeply, deeply in love with him I am. Hopefully he was able to watch the show and understand my strategy.

Are you nervous to see what the fan reaction to you has been?
Kaitlyn: The fan reaction is probably very mixed. I can't even imagine the amount of people that don't understand me but I know at the same time there is a large group of people that totally get me and understand the decision I have made.

You betrayed your alliance twice in two weeks this season, by voting out Steve and then voting out Swaggy. Why were you so quick to turn against them at the very beginning of the game?
Kaitlyn: Well when I voted to evict Steve it was because I was under the impression that if I didn't my alliance would be in trouble. I was made to believe that the power that was used would effect my alliance in a very negative way. So I was actually staying loyal to them given the information I was told. Now, as far as Swaggy is concerned, I thought I was gaining a new alliance by making that decision. So I guess I just really screwed myself over.

Going into the house, you were convinced that you could manifest winning. Why do you think that didn't manifest and work out?
Kaitlyn: I wasn't supposed to win. Plain and simple. There are people outside of the house that I can be of larger service to than inside. I just wasn't meant to be there anymore.

Do you really believe that you were with Tyler's late father in some way?
Kaitlyn: One hundred percent. I felt spirit around Tyler every single day. That is what made me feel closer to him was because I feel close to spirits.

What would you have done differently if given the chance?
Kaitlyn: I would have not backdoored Swaggy. I would have trusted not one person in the house. And I would have voted to evict Sam the first week.

Do you genuinely think F.O.U.T.T.E. is a good alliance name still?
Kaitlyn: Hell yeah. That is the best alliance name of all time, hands down.

Big Brother 20 airs Sundays at Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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