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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: 13 Reasons Why, Queer Eye, Hannibal

Plus: The powerful hospital docuseries Lenox Hill

Tim Surette

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? We're here to help! Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of June 5-11.

There are some telltale signs that the dog days of summer are upon us. There are grads, there are dads, and there are sad and mad Brads, Chads, and other lads wondering why Netflix's crop of new shows is so bad. Netflix was never supposed to follow the broadcast model of television, which typically abandons the summer season, but here we are with two weeks in a row of paltry options. Only eight new Netflix originals are available! Can you believe that? Also, can you believe that we're so spoiled that we're complaining about eight new things? Maybe it's time we got off our high horse and st-- actually, screw that, give me my content, Netflix!!!

All titles debuted on Friday, June 5 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

If you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, we have plenty. If you'd like to see what's coming out on Netflix in June, here are our Editors' Picks for Netflix's June releases and everything that's coming to the service in the month.

The Biggest Releases

13 Reasons Why, Season 4
Consider this your weekly reminder that "biggest release" doesn't always mean "good show." That's definitely the case with the final season of the teen drama 13 Reasons Why, one of Netflix's most popular and controversial series. Following a provocative first season that was lauded by some for starting a conversation about suicide and chastised by others for glorifying it, 13 Reasons Why has found excuses to continue for three more seasons, with the kids facing even more consequences for murder, sexual assault, and secrets. This is as inelegant as TV gets, but its sensationalism still makes it a hit with younger audiences.

Queer Eye, Season 5
Queer Eye returns for its fifth season in two-and-a-half years today. It feels like it's been around for a decade, doesn't it? But the reboot only premiered in February 2018. It achieved cultural institution status incredibly quickly. Anyway, Season 5 will find the Fab Five of Karamo, Tan, Bobby, Jonathan, and Antoni heading to Philadelphia to help fix the lives of some nice people who are having some trouble. And since this season will have 10 episodes instead of the usual eight, we'd recommend you get an even bigger box of tissues than usual. -Liam Mathews (Trailer)

The Last Days of American Crime
This Netflix film sounds equal parts great and terrible, making it the perfect viewing for a midnight movie. The Last Days of American Crime, based on a comic, imagines a future in which the government concocts an audio signal that makes it impossible for those hearing it to commit a crime, so a small crew gets together for one last big heist. Utterly ridiculous... I can't wait to watch it. (Trailer)

The Best New Shows to Watch This Summer

Finally on Netflix

Hannibal, Complete Series
This gory crime drama from Bryan Fuller was one of those shows that you couldn't believe was on NBC. The blood will spill (right into a nice wine glass) as Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelson) work together to crack killer cases. Every murder scene is a work of deranged art in this highly acclaimed series that ran from 2013-2015. 

Supernatural, Season 15
This was supposed to be Sam and Dean Winchester's final season, but the coronavirus put a hold on things, meaning the real end of the series will happen sometime this fall. C'mon Sam and Dean, you can stop the croatoan virus but coronavirus has you hiding? (Trailer)

Queen of the South, Season 4
USA's drama about a poor woman from Mexico who starts a vast drug empire is like Breaking Bad Lite. (Saturday, June 6 / Trailer)

Pose, Season 2
FX's groundbreaking series about New York City's ball culture in the late '80s and early '90s hits Netflix just in time for Pride Month. (Thursday, June 11 / Trailer)

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Everything Else

Lenox Hill, Season 1
Let's be honest with ourselves. Most of what we know of how doctors and nurses work and live comes from watching New Amsterdam and reruns of ER. Netflix's latest docuseries follows four doctors at New York City's Lenox Hill hospital as they cope with the highs and lows of their job, and the toll it takes on their personal lives. It's going to be powerful, uplifting, and maddening. (Wednesday, June 10)

Curon, Season 1
A mother returns to her hometown with her teenage twins, and then things start to get real scary in this Italian supernatural series that has one of those trailers where it's impossible to tell what it's about. (Wednesday, June 10 / Trailer)

Reality Z, Season 1
This Brazilian series is an adaptation of Dead Set, a British miniseries from Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker that drops you into a zombie apocalypse from the point of view of contestants on a Big Brother-type reality show. That is, while the world falls apart around them, the reality stars have no idea that the undead are rising... until they start invading the studio. The original is great satire on show business and reality television, and this version should follow suit. Dead Set is also available on Netflix. (Wednesday, June 10 / Trailer)

Choked: Baisa Polta Hai
Times are tough for a wife in India, but when her clogged sink starts spitting up money, then times are good! This is a movie about morality and plumbing. (Trailer)

Whispers, Season 1
This Arabic series has a gimmick, and you love a gimmick! When the father of a family mysteriously dies on the eve of his company's latest app launch, his past resurfaces to haunt -- metaphorically -- the rest of his family. That's vague AF, but the show follows each family member's point of view as they try to figure out what happened. (Thursday, June 11 / Trailer)

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