Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri

Anne Hathaway's former romeo, Raffaello Follieri, was sentenced in Manhattan federal court Thursday to four and a half years in prison.

Hathaway's former boyfriend of four years was arrested in June on suspicion of lying to investors by claiming to be the CFO of the Vatican, (if you're gonna lie, go big!). He also used "swindled" funds for a trip to the Dominican Republic over New Year's 2005-06 with Hathaway and another couple, reports People.

In addition to his lavish vacation, Follieri also used the money for his $37,000-a month-apartment rent, medical bills for himself, his father, and his "then girlfriend," Hathaway.

Follieri recently pleaded guilty in September to 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. His next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 12. Merry Christmas to him.

In a statement, the disgraced 30-year old admitted, "What I did was wrong and there is no point in making excuses …I will never be able to wash away the shame …I just hope that someday those who have been hurt by my actions will forgive me."

Follieri was nailed with a $1,400 special assessment to be paid to the United States. In addition, he will also receive three years of supervised release.

Though reports claimed Hathaway was devastated by her ex's arrest, she later rallied enough to have a sense of humor about it. During her monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live, the Rachel Getting Married and Get Smart star said, "I broke up with my boyfriend, and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud. I mean, we've all been there, right, ladies?"

Do you think Follieri's sentence fits the crime? Or, do you think he got off too easy?