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All The Simpsons Characters Who Have Died

Maude and others are with God

Tim Surette
The Simpsons

The Simpsons


Larry Dalrymple, we hardly knew ye. Seriously, we barely knew him! The Moe's Tavern regular is the latest character from The Simpsons to die, plucked from this mortal coil by the icy fingers of Death in April 2024, during the 35th season of The Simpsons. His demise shocked fans, who couldn't believe the beloved animated show would kill off one of its characters.

But The Simpsons has been doing this for decades, and characters we've known a lot better than Larry have been buried before. From one-episode wonders who would leave their mark seasons later to spouses of some of the most popular citizens of Springfield, almost no one is safe from the four-fingered Grim Reaper. 

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We've put together a list of all the major characters from The Simpsons who have died, and included their causes of death and the episodes that signaled their ends. Though The Simpsons has killed many over its long run (Ernest Borgnine's corpse is somewhere in the woods of Springfield), we limited the list to "major" characters who have either been mentioned or appeared significantly, or who left a large impact in their brief appearance(s). 

Click below to see all The Simpsons characters who have died. 

Every Major Simpsons Character Who Has Died