Project Runway's Heidi Klum by Barbara Nitke/Bravo Photo Project Runway's Heidi Klum by Barbara Nitke/Bravo Photo
As part of's Strike Survival Guide, we've asked our staff of... staffers to tell you what they

are biding their time with in these TV-anemic times. Up first is associate video producer Adam Schubak. I tend to take in a little of everything when it comes to my TV-watching habits. I even admit to getting some enjoyment out of the VH1 celebreality lineup. But with VH1 still prepping its next batch of shows and this whole strike nonsense showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, I've had to look elsewhere to get my fill of the tube (that is, until

Lost comes back, of course!). So here's what I've been watching while waiting to return to my regularly scheduled programming: 1) Project Runway (Season 4 is currently airing Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET, Bravo) This is actually the first season I've caught from the beginning and not during some Bravo marathon. Everyone needs a little reality television in their life, and Project Runway is without a doubt the best one TV has to offer. 2) Undeclared (the complete series is available on DVD; shop Amazon) Before Knocked Up or Superbad, Judd Apatow did this show and Freaks and Geeks. Freaks and Geeks is amazing as well, but Undeclared has all the humor people love from all ohis hit films. 3) Brothers & Sisters, Season 1 (now on DVD; shop Amazon) Since we're only partly through Season 2 now, it doesn't take much to get totally caught up. The cast is flawless in their portrayal of the 21st-century family. 4) Reno 911! (Comedy Central) Strike or no strike this show would be on my list. Even as it enters its fifth season, the jokes are better than ever. Each season tends to have great guest stars as well. Paul Rudd, Cheryl Hines and Masi Oka have all appeared in past seasons. 5) Chelsea Lately (E!) This one's been a staple on my DVR since it started, but with all the Spears-family drama lately and her new season just getting under way, this is the perfect time to check out this show. Chelsea Handler holds nothing back when discussing the daily happenings in Hollywood. Her skits are hilarious, especially when she asks senior citizens to discuss Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Who is Adam Schubak? If you don't already know me... I'm everywhere here at The Guide. I do some movie reviews, I blog for shows like America's Next Top Model and Samantha Who?, and I'm an associate producer on our three vodcasts. But above all that, I'm a huge fan of all things entertainment. Aside from TV and movies, I'm also working on the ultimate iPod playlist, which ranges from Ray Charles to Britney Spears to 2pac. Oh, and I'm also a whiz with my George Foreman grill. Use our Online Video Guide to find past episodes of Project Runway as well as all of Adam's picks. More Strike Survival guidance: " USA Network's Psych: We See It in Your Future " Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: Should You Check In? " Knight Rider, Grammys and More Specials to Watch For " Law & Order: Can 17 Years' Worth of Fans Be Wrong? " Movies on TV: Ken Fox's Picks for This Week! " What to Watch: Your Guide to January Premieres