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Tori Spelling's return to 90210 (Tuesdays, 9 pm/ET, CW) gave the fledgling teen drama a nice uptick in the ratings. But it also gave the fans an unexpected epilogue to the romantic storyline of Donna and David: They live in Japan, have a baby girl, Ruby, and — gasp! — they're separated! In this Tuesday's episode, Spelling returns to paint the town red with Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), but wait until you see where they end up! Spelling tells us how she and the producers devised the storyline, what her late father would think of the new series, and whether we'll see a Brenda-Kelly-Donna reunion in future episodes. So when the producers contacted you, did they present you with a story idea? Did you present it to them? Or was it collaborative?
Tori Spelling: It was completely collaborative. They had ideas. We kind of swapped back and forth. I told them it was important to me that Donna was still in fashion. Last we left her, she had a boutique, and now where is she? Has she gone further in her career? They had an idea for her to be in Europe, like London, being a fashion designer. I was like, "That's cool, but what if we mix it up a bit and make it Japan?" So they said, "Great." How did you learn the Japanese in the script?
Spelling: I studied it, and there was someone on the set who was fluent who helped me do it justice. At one point, I was, like, they suggested London and I had to say, "Oh, let's do Japan," and now I'm paying for it by having to speak in Japanese — ha-ha. How did you feel about the news that Donna and David are separated?
Spelling: It was scary at first, but I was actually open to it, just because everything's always neatly tied up in movies, and that's not the way life is. They're not divorced; they're simply separated, so there's always hope. I didn't want to devastate the fans. But there was an interesting storyline there. What happens when high school sweethearts get married very young, and they've been together and have only known each other and then all of a sudden their careers take off? Donna has been working, and they have kids, and sometimes your lives go in different directions. That was interesting to me. Anyone in particular from the old cast that you'd like to see come back? Or that you'd like to work with again?
Spelling: I can only go by my storyline, and I know that the fans were shocked that Donna and David are separated, so whether or not that pans out, I'm sure they would like to see David [Brian Austin Green] come back and have them resolve it. Have you spoken to Brian about coming back?
Spelling: I have not, no. Tell me about working with the new cast. The ones I've spoken with were all very excited to have "the alums" come back.
Spelling: It was great. I didn't have much to do with the whole cast. But they were all really nice, and they all seem to get along, which I was like, "Yay, that's awesome." It's hard to have a group of young, beautiful people all together and not have some drama. It was a really positive experience.  How do you think the new 90210 is different?
Spelling: I knew that for it to work you couldn't compare the two; it had to be its own show, with just a few fallbacks to the old show, which would be us. And I think they've done a good job of balancing that. ... I think it's definitely progressed with what's going on with teens presently. It's completely reflective. It's definitely a little more daring and a little more risqué, but that's pretty keeping in tune with how teens are nowadays. What do you think your dad would think of the new 90210?
Spelling: I think he'd be really proud. He always hoped to do a remake. He always said, "I want to do 90210: The Next Generation." So right now, he's like: "Cool. Mission accomplished." I've heard that Tuesday's episode is pretty funny. Tell me about it.
Spelling: It's true Kelly-Donna high-jinks, getting themselves in trouble again. They're mistaken for a gay couple. They're like, "Hey, we don't go out any more. Where's the cool place?" And someone mistakenly sends them to a gay bar. It's pretty funny. Any idea when you'll be back on the show?
Spelling: Not currently, but I'm excited to return. We left the storyline open, and I would love to explore what's going on in Donna's life more. I would love to come back next season. Any chance we'll see a Brenda-Kelly-Donna reunion in our future?
Spelling: I think the fans would love it, so I hope there will be.