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The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz Reviews

Sommer, a discontented East German athlete, takes to wearing miniskirts instead of the dowdy prescribed uniform of her teammates. Klemperer, in a nasty and amusing role, lusts after her, and Sommer pole-vaults over the Berlin Wall to escape him. Crane, a black marketeer, agrees to help the Communists get her back for some spot cash and hides her in the apartment occupied by old army pal Forman, who works for the CIA, and his wife. He is all set to turn Sommer over to the Reds when he realizes that he loves her, so he junks his plans. Still needing money, however, he tries to induce Forman to hire her for the CIA. When Sommer learns that he is using her to make some money, she sadly gives herself up to the Communists and goes home. But love conquers all, as a bewigged Crane sneaks into East Germany to prove his devotion. Sommers sees her man in drag and realizes that she does indeed love him, so the two flee back to the free world. A witless comedy played without style by a cast pirated from the "Hogan's Heroes" TV series. Klemperer provides the only really good moments, and those are few.