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The Short History of the Long Road

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The Short History Of The Long Road (Clean Trailer)
The Short History Of The Long Road (Clean Trailer)

1:53 The Short History Of The Long Road (Clean Trailer)

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Danny Trejo
Maggie Siff
Sabrina Carpenter

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The Way

1 hr 55 mins
A grieving father (Martin Sheen) walks a pilgrimage in Europe called the Way of St. James in honor of his late son, who died making the same journey. Along the way, he befriends people from around the world and experiences a profound epiphany.
64   Metascore
2011 PG13 Travel, Drama, Action & Adventure, Other

Book Club: The Next Chapter

1 hr 47 mins
Four best friends take their book club to Europe to have the fun holiday of their dreams.
45   Metascore
2023 PG13 Travel, Drama, Comedy, Other

We're the Millers

1 hr 50 mins
A low-level pot dealer is forced to retrieve a big drug shipment from Mexico in order to pay off a debt to his supplier, and he gets a stripper and two teens to pose as his family during the trip.
44   Metascore
2013 R Travel, Comedy, Action & Adventure

The Sure Thing

1 hr 34 mins
Director Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing is essentially It Happened One Night for the 1980s, but its lack of surprise in no way impedes its entertainment value. John Cusack plays Walter "Gib" Gibson, a self-involved college freshman who makes plans to head to California, there to touch base (and a few other things) with a "sure thing" played by Nicollette Sheridan. Likewise planning a westward journey is coed Alison Bradbury (Daphne Zuniga), a control freak who has a wealthy, stuffy fiancé over there. Gib and Alison despise one another on sight -- so naturally, they are compelled to travel to California together. The fact that everyone in the audience knows precisely how this one will end up is inconsequential; Cusack and Zuniga deliver such engaging performances that we're pulling for them to wise up and discover one another from the very first scene. One of the best bits: the mismatched couple being bombarded with an ear-piercing rendition of "The Age of Aquarius" by their dippy traveling companions.
76   Metascore
1985 PG13 Travel, Comedy, Other

I Am Israel

0 hr 33 mins
A study of the history of Israel.
2017 NR Documentary, Travel, Other

Que Viva Mexico!

1 hr 30 mins
This historical chronicle was director Eisenstein's unfinished opus and has been lost for many years. It is the four-chapter epic story of Mexico's colorful history and was reconstructed and released by Eisentstein's star student Grigori Alexandrov. The first chapter, 'Sandunga" looks at the country before the Spanish arrived while "Manguei" tells the story of a peon and his new wife. The third, "Fiesta" is a romanticized look at bullfighting, and "Soldadera" uses frescoes to chronicle the 1910 revolution.
1979 NR Documentary, Travel, Other

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