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The Shaggy Dog Reviews

This was the first so-called "live-action comedy" from the Disney studios, and it was extremely successful at the box office. It not only marked the return of Fred MacMurray to comedy--in which he got his start in the 1930s--but it also convinced the Disney folks that the combination of situation comedy and fantasy was an idea worth pursuing. In this particular shaggy dog story, an ancient ring falls in the pants cuff of Wilby Daniels (Tommy Kirk) while he is visiting a museum. After reading the ring's inscription, Wilby finds himself transformed into a large sheep dog, identical to one owned by his next-door neighbors. This poses a problem for his father (MacMurray), who happens to be allergic to dogs. The dog/Wilby overhears a conversation that reveals the neighbor to be a spy, and he ends up chasing the spies when they attempt to escape. Wilby's father and the neighbor's dog get all the credit, but younger viewers will delight at knowing who really performed the heroics.